The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Letter In Hartlib'S Hand, John Dury To ?
Dating:30 July 1649
Ref:1/2/9A-10B: 10A BLANK

Deare F.
     I delivered Mr W. Letter to Mr A. when hee had read it, hee gaue it mee to reade, and having discoursed vpon [it?] a little we concluded that the Motion was not to bee neglected. This morning j was with him againe and altho hee seemed to make difficulties in the worke, yet hee was mooued with some reasons, which j alledged to promise that hee would appeare in it, but hee said that this day and to morrow, hee could not possibly doe any thing in it. I told him that no delay ought to be on our part in making the Motion, the natural slownes of the Parliament and the circumstances of the Worke would breed delays enough. Wee concluded at last that the Counsel of State should immediatly bee mooued in it, and that wee should act by them; and not immediatly by the Parliament and to that effect (because hee could not attend it) j tooke vpon mee to acquaint Mr Fr. with it, which this afternoon j haue had opportunity to doe as also Mr Milton and the Lord President himself. they all relish the Motion exceeding well. Mr Fr. thinks it a matter very sutable to their Aime in the Letter which they haue written to bee sent to all the forraigne Plantations, whereof hee did shew mee a Copie, which containes a briefe account giuen to them of the equity of their proceedings, to settle themselves in a way of Commonwealth and of their Resolution to giue vnto the Plantations all just protection against all Enemies. The Lord President said that something must bee given in writing to propose the busines vnto the Councel. I told him that j was to goe tomorrow out of Towne, but that Mr Sad. was to giue him a more full information; but this j haue thought good to

informe you of, that (in case hee should bee should bee scrupulous as hee doth vse to doe) you should waken him to resolutnes, and that you should with the first informe Mr W. concerning this which j would advise. viz that hee should moue those, that put him vpon this designe to draw vp a full Proposition formally to bee offred vnto the State heere: which may bee a sufficient ground of Engagement to those that make the Motion to him to prosecute the matter, and to the Counsel of State heere to get Authority from the Parliament to manage the worke to a speedy issue. The general overture of the busines from Mr W. Letter to Mr A. is not a sufficient ground to come to any speedy resolution: it can produce at the most no more, but a general answer that the thing is well liked of, and that Particulars must bee offred, and offred as an Engagement by the Vndertakers of the Designes, and when this shall appeare then the Authority desired may bee hopefully obtained. I haue nothing to adde for the present further. I purpose on friday next to bee again in Towne God willing, and j hope before that time Mr A. will haue done what is expected, so that hee will haue sufficient matter to write to giue him that encouragement, which is fitting to proceed yonder in the busines: and in case nothing else should bee done by some accident or other, yet this beginning, which this day hath beene made is worth Mr W. knowledge. you will then bee pleased to remember my sevice to him and mention these passages to him, and my sense <right margin: of the whole matter j rest your most devoted and faithful servant in Christ.>
St Iames 30 Iulj 49/.                      I. D.