The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Letter In Hartlib'S Hand, John Dury To Worsley?
Dating:19 June 1649
Ref:1/2/7A-8B: 8A-B BLANK

   j am glad to see by yours of the 8/18 of jun. 49. from Dort to Mr H. the successe of your comunication with Mr Kalthof and the satisfaction which you received from him concerning his P. M. The sucesse also of the Experiment of your furnace without bellows is a thing wherin j doe congratulate your Endeauours and shal pray to God to giue you a constant blessing therin vnto the end. Since j wrote last, j haue had further conference with me Vncle about his Mines of what quality they are and where they lye and how hee intends to make vse of them! hee tels mee that in the Bishoprick of durham there is a mine of Antimony and another of Iron not far from it, that that of Iron is extreame rich, and that also there is a mine of Lead, which holds Silver in the ordinary way of fusion 36. or 40: lib. sterl. vpon the tonne: but if the more exact Way of refining bee vsed, hee makes no doubt, but twice or thrice as much will bee found; for by Experiment they haue discouered that by the force of the fore in the ordinary Way much of the purer mettal is lost, it being in smal atomes mixed amongst the grosser part of the Mine

wherin are found 3. Enemies which destroy or divide, and cary away the purer mettal viz. Arsenick Sulphur et Antimony; and if by Calcination (said hee) those poisonous Enemies bee driven away from the pure mettal without a forcible evaporation, hee belieued that much might bee gained. I told him that his Discourse did seeme to mee rational, and belieued it consonant to some things which you did try to advance. Hee said that if you had any furnace which might bee conducible to this way of refining, and if you would come over hither, hee would bring you vpon the place, and you and hee should easily agree vpon the way of working therefore hee intreated you; and j shal joine my persuasion vnto his, that you would come over, assoone as you haue made an end of this Experiment, wherupon now you are: for hee saith that nothing is wanting to make you and him rich but the vse of such a furnace. His desire is to know what your resolution is concering coming over: for hee will accordingly (vpon the recept of some monies, which hee is to receiue of the arrears due to him) determine of his course to bee fol- <right margin: -lowed in time to come [etc?] the 19. of Iun. 49.>
                                            I. D.