The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Constantine Adams To Hartlib
Dating:5 August 1640
Ref:15/8/3A-4B: 3B-4A BLANK
Notes:See G.H. Turnbull, Hartlib Dury and Comenius, 1947, p. 207.

You must pardon me for not paying sooner the respect of your kind letter, wherein you should not have found me remisse if at the arrivall of your letter I had beene in Oxon; but my Lord Chamberlains commands comming upon us for our going into the Country, I had not the happinesse to meete with your letter before munday last. After the perusall of which I instantly resorted to Dr Prideaux who told me that he had receaved your letter, & the Packet, although this somewhat later, & send you an answer by the Carrier the same daye. I delivered then unto him Mr Durrys Narrative. He seemeth to bee much affected with all Mr. Durrys his endeavours & intentions; but having certain information dass der Ertzbishof doth not altogether [word deleted], he is affraid to encounter, as walking now under the cloud, & having many spies set about him for to prie into all his Actions.
To shake off this needlesse feare I did instance unto him in the ArchBishop of Armach, Bishop Davenant & Bishop Morton, who had appeared in the businesse, & given great encouragment to the Worke by their learned advice; this he much commended in them, & promised to conferre with the ArchBishop of Armach about it. Concerning the businesse of the Bremish Divines, he is resolved after the perusing of their bookes to send unto them a full answer to all their requests. The ArchBishop of Armach is very studious in our publike library, where he spends constantly all the afternoones. Hee is about to bring forth a great Worke [viz?] an Vniversall Ecclesiasticall Historie. Hee hath lately finished a booke, which labour was putt vpon him by his Majesties especiall command, De Authoritate Regum & Officio Subditorum, & will shortly come to light. I pray Sir whensoever you see Sir Thomas Rowe be pleased to present my humble service unto him, not forgetting me to Mr Durry when you write. My best respects to your Wife &c. Your letter enclosed I have sent to Mr [Genzius?]. Sir I rest for ever
                       Your most affectionate friend
                            & humble Servant
Oxon. 5 Aug. 1640.
                                     Co. Adams./.
[right margin:]
Bitte dieses eingeschlossene Mr Wheelock zuzuschicken

To my truly honoured
Friend Mr. Samuel Hartlib,
at his house in Dukes-
place in the great open Court
[right margin, another hand:]
Constantinus Adamj