The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Thomas Smith To Hartlib
Dating:[29?] January 1648
Ref:15/6/12A-13B: 12B-13A BLANK

Most honoured friend;
After so thankes for so many favours give me leave <I beseech you> to request one more. 'Tis not to desire any thing of Mr Bolton, I am sorry I have troubled you so much in that already, but that you would be pleased to doe me one courtesy that will be sure to take, which is to show these 2 letters enclosed to <him> Mr B. Herein I have most hopes that you may doe me good with him. I feare nothing but that he will come out of London ere you meet with him. [left margin: quod cito, bis.] You shall now see whether all my relations be not true to a title, & thereby guesse haw much I & my friends are beholding to the man. Exorbitance of governement in our College are risen very high; & Visiters appointed by an Ordinance of Parliament to take notice of <them>. I have not yet complained one syllable but without speedy redresse shall bring in my Catalogue also. If after you have showed him them you will be pleased to acquaint me with what he saith & how he takes it, you will consummate this high favour letting me know how much I am obliged to you in this particular together with the rest for which I remaine
                       Your ever obliged servant
                                Tho. Smith.
Christs College
  Ian. [29th? altered]
[bottom of page:]
Sir I request you, [to?] not to show him this, but let the other 2 be shown him, as if accidentally it came from you (not me) out of your desire of his & my good. Though I care not much if he should see all.

To my ever honoured friend
   Mr Samuel [letters deleted] Hartlib
at his house in the great Court in
      humbly present.