The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Thomas Smith To Hartlib
Dating:27 December 1647
Ref:15/6/10A-11B: 10B-11A BLANK

Worthy Sir;
Desire of a pardon for troubling you so often formerly compells me to trouble you once more. Had you received the last letter save one that I sent, I might have spared you this time, which was to excuse my former interrupting your weighty affaires, but falling into a mishap was last weeke returned to me. On Saturday in the afternoone my good friend Mr Whilock tooke my chamber in his passage to Emanuel, he told me he had lately received a letter from you & showed the contents: which when I saw I desired him to spare his labour, for that Mr Cudworth would take it very ill from me, if I he <should> know I communicated such a busines to any especially Mr Whilock who is none of the chosest. I had much adoe to entreate him with many reasons & persuasions not to goe presently (for he is & alwayes hath beene very ready I thanke him to doe me any courtesy, & was not well pleased in that I had not acquainted him with it before) at length I imp obtained by importunity so much favour of him, <as> that he would defer a weeke or fortnight the [execution? altered from executing?] <of> your commands till he might heare your pleasure to the contrary. Sir I am very sensible of your extraordinary [letters deleted] care & paines for me, & wish it would please God to give me an opportunity to shew my selfe thankfull. Meane while I would[altered] entreate you if you have any other busines to write of to Mr Whilock shortly, you would be pleased to desire him to say nothing to Mr Cudworth concerning that; I hope being already pretty well acquainted with him [his? altered] good nature will worke out what may be done. Humbly craving your pardon for offering to trouble You who had done so <much> for me to Mr Bolton beyond my deserts, for which I as humbly thanke you, I remaine
                            Your ever obliged servant
                                    Tho. Smith.
Christs College
 December 27.
Mr <Henry> More bids me not forget to present his thankefull respects to you, I askt him [of?] whether he knew of any man here that was setting out any thing, because you desired of me to know, he answered no.

To my very worthy friend
& ever honoured
Mr Samuel Hartlib
 at his house in Dukes-place
 in the great Court.
       present these.
       with care.