The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Robert Child To Hartlib
Dating:8 April 1653
Ref:15/5/20A-21B: 20B-21A BLANK

                 Lisneygarvey Aprill 8: 1653.
Loving freind
               I received your packet March. 1. 1652 by Mr Royden; with those bookes you sent me, for which I returne you many thanks; I haue heer enclosed sent you the Conclusion of my Answeare to the Animadversion, I had much adoe to finish them, partly throw my owne negligence & partly his hast who poasteth it betwixt this place & London, & is very faithfull in delivering what you send, his importunity is such, that I shall not fully answeare these letters, but must expect an other opportunity. I haue found your letters dated March 21. but for your letters in Aprill with Morgans letters I never receivd, but would willingly heare from him: I cannot as yet finish my discours De fertilitate, partly throw Idlenes, partly throw the want of books, & the thing is very difficult as you may perceive by that little I[altered] haue already sent you: but perhaps I will leysurely goe [out?] but can promise you no more than stumble for such a worke. Concerning Ireland, Dr Boote is most fit & able to proceed in his promise brothers discourse but & I hope will hearken to reason, but if he want it, I will contribute what I Can, which as yet is in scattered papers, for I would willingly haue it perfected. Concerning Stirke either I mistake you as you haue mistaken me, for by your letters you seeme to imply that I should write, that he should write to me, as if he were discontent with you & Mr Dury, but there is no such matter. for he only lamented his misfortune, that he should remove to St Iames to distill oyles, which it seemes succeeded not according to Expectation. pray remember my love to him, & if he hath bin vnkind to you, yet Continue your accustomed love & goodnes to him, & advise him for the best, he hath I question not Excellent things in him if it please god to give him likewise wisedome to vse them. pray solicite him to write to me largely, & let him leaue his letters with you I thought to haue bin at London this sommer, but shall not, the next spring, I hope to be with you, & to stay with you, for my thoughts do not fix here, so remote from Ingenuous men: but I must breake off abruptly, only desiring you to remember my Service to Mr Boyle Sir Cheyny, Mr Dury, & Mr Worsly, if arrived, to whome I acknowledge my selfe endebted a long & large letter. at present I Commend you to the protection of the Almighty.
                      Your Loving freind
                           Robert Child

To his much respected Freind Mr
 Samuell Hartlib at his house
  neare Charing Crosse
     ouer against
       Angell Court
[another hand:]
20 at [31?]