The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Robert Child To Hartlib
Dating:1 August 1651
Ref:15/5/5A-6B: 5B-6A BLANK

                 Lisneygarvy Aug. 1st. 1651
Loving freind
          Sir I am sorry, that I haue bin in these[altered] parts so long & [not?] haue found an opportunity to write to you, & now at present am so streighthened that I can only Certify you that I am in good health & hope you are so likewise, & bid you Adieu for Mr Howard a merchant the bearer hereof is in [poast?] hast to be gone, he thinketh to returne to these parts in 2 monthes, his lodging wilbe at Bosome Inne, where the [word illeg.] Carryers ly. I shall (god willing) write more largely by the next I landed not in Ireland, till the 20th of May, & the Colonell with whome at present I soiourne, was not at home, & indeed hath[altered] scarce lyen 3 nights in his house since my arrivall, I was vncertayne whither I should stay here or not, & whither the Country aire, which is hurtfull to our English bodys would agree with mine, I haue enclosed your letters in Mr Ashmoales who I hope, will deliver them with his owne hands, that you maybe acquainted with him for I scarce know any man of a more publicke spirit, & at this time [acteth? altered] much for to advance it, perhaps some bookes in St [Iames? MS unclear] may be vsefull for him. I haue gathered diverse of the seeds of the plants of this country which by the next I will send you, that they may be delivered to Morgan, who keepeth the Garden at Westminster, & I haue also got together diverse of the insects which I [w?] would commend to Mr Marshall, who hath taken payns in that subiect, & should do well to publish his experiences on them. pray remember my loue & service to Mr Dury, Mr Wrosley. & Mr Boyle if he be with you: If I can doe you or the publicke any service pray Command him who is & alwayes wilbe
                  Your loving freind & servant
                     Robert Child
[left margin:]
pray excuse me to some of my freinds that I do not write to them, & returne them thankes for their love to me.
                                     R C.

To his much respected frind
 Mr Samuell Hartlip at
  his house at Charing crosse
   ouer against the Angell
[to right of address, Hartlib's hand:]
Received the 20. of Aug. 1651.