The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy, Irish Ministers' Address To Lord Protector, In Robert Wood'S Hand
Notes:Enclosed with letter to Hartlib, see 15/4/8.

          To his Highnesse the Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England Scotland & Ireland and the Dominions thereunto belonging,
      The most humble Addresse of the Ministers of the Gospell in Ireland.
    When we reflect upon the Importance of that Worke wherewith we are honored & intrusted, in reference both to the Glory of God, & the precious[altered from pretious?] soules of Men, & from how many Attempts of Satan we have been preserved therein, by the blessing of God upon your Highnesse Government, under whose shadow we enjoy so much Liberty, Countenance & Encouragement; we thinke with our selves that we can never be sufficiently thankefull to You, nor to the God & father of our Lord Iesus Christ for You. And now hearing of some fresh Attemps ready to breake out from the common enemy abroad, together with those unsavorie Returnes made of late by some under Temptation at home, we judge it a Duty laid upon us by the Lord, not to content our selves at such a time as This, with those Petitions which (as we have helpe) we put up in publick & privat for your Highnesse, without some solemne Testification how much our soules desire That Your Highnes may be indued with power, from on high, & that the Highest himselfe may establish you, still to be a Saviour upon our [Sins? MS torn]

a sheeld & pillar to these Nations, & especially to those therein whom God hath called out of the world to feare his name & follow the Lambe whither so ever he goeth.
    We therefore in the name of Iesus Christ the Lord both Yours & Ours do say unto Your Highnesse Be strong, feare not, The Lord is with you whilst you are with him, and while You seeke him (as we are persuaded you do) He will be found of you.
    And in the strength of that Grace which is in Christ Iesus we do engage our selves to assist Your Highnesse to assist your Highnesse to our utmost, by Faith & Prayer, That Your Highnesse may see these nations quiet habitations, Habitations of Iustice & Mountaines of [Holienesse?], & that all your worke & labour of Love may be recompenced, & a full reward given you of the Lord God of Israel, under whose wings Your Highnesse trusts./.