The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Henry Langley To Samuel Hartlib Junior
Dating:8 January 1652
Ref:15/3/7A-8B: 8A BLANK

Mr Hartlib/
      Your [2?] letter received in which you desire my assistance, & help in the recovery of on five & twenty pounds which hath beene mispayd. sir now I am able to satisfy this desire of yours. I perceive the Heads of howses (which some of whom I met imediatly after your letter to doe your father what service I could) that have augmentations, did agree amongst themselfs, that all the money due to them quarterly or half yearly, should bee payd in to gether in one payment, by mr Baker into the hands of on Webster design'd by mr Bifeild for this worke, vppon this account, hee got vp the summ for the quarter ending Midsummer last past, & by one mr Fido's help returnd it to bee payd in Oxford, this I learning by search went imediately amongst the heads, & received your <fathers> proportion which with a diduction of six pence per pound for Webster, & 2d in the

the pound which the Heads[altered] ioyntly allowed mr Fido for returning it, comes to twenty foure pounds & 3 shillings & eight pence. Now I pray remember mee to your father (from whom I did expect a letter) & wish him to signify which way hee will have his money conveyd to him, & hee shall find very carefull in it yours and his
                            His true & loving freind
Ian. 8. 1652
                                 Hen- langley

For my very loving freind
mr Samuel Hartlib at
his father's howse by Angel
court neare Charing cross