The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Henry Langley To Hartlib
Dating:30 June 1651
Ref:15/3/5A-6B: 5B-6A BLANK

Worthy mr Hartlib
     When your late letter came to Oxford, it was my vnhappiness to bee at the Bathe wher by I was disinabled either to receive it, or to returne you that speedy answer which your ingenuity & candour doth very much deserve at my hands. I thought the last subscription had beene full to all intents & purposes, & that it [might?] have travell'd through any Committee, & have given you sufficient power to receive the 100lb per annum without any further trouble to your self. But to remove any obstruction I have agayne subscribed your paper, & am glad that I have such an obligacion vppon you that I may heare from you now & then in whom I find, & read such a spirit as lays forth it self for the promotion of learning, & piety in this land. sir I read over with great delight mr Tolnay his letter, & am glad to vnderstand that the learned Comenius hath resolved speedily to devote him self studijs Pansophicis. The next tyme I come to London I shall call (god willing) at your howse. If your Affayres call you to Oxford this [Act.?], I pray let Pembroke College see you. I thanke you for all the former tokens of your love, & your last booke also, which I at my first opportunity <shall> read over sir I am in some hast. I wish you a plentiful mea- [left margin:] sure of the spirit wherby you may bee inabled according to the largeness of your heart to doe good.   A letter now & then from you would increase our acquaintance, & ingage much
Iune 30. 1651
                          your most assured freind
                          to love & serve you in Christ
                                    Hen- langley

For my Reverend & very worthy
freind mr Hartlib at his
howse neare charing-cross
over against Angel-court