The Hartlib Papers

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The Gospel-way to make vp the present breached of Brotherhood, & heale the divisions, whereby some of the Reforming Professours & Ministers of this Kingdome at this time, sadly dishonour their profession, mainely obstruct our Reformation, utterly destroy the safe constitution, both of Church & State.
              Wherein are handled,
1.   How the meanes of Christian Peace, as well Civill as Ecclesiastical may bee found and[altered] ought to bee followed, both by Pastors and People.
2.   What are the speciall lets of Ecclesiasticall Reconciliation & what the causes of divisions are, & how to bee remedied.
3.   What are the grounds, Termes, & Motives of Brotherly Unity & Forbearance, which the Ministers & Members of the Churches of England ought to professe, & practise one towards another, for the Gospels sake.
All written vpon severall occasions, & at severall times, by Mr Iohn Dury, one of the Assembly of Divines, &c: & now published by Samuel Hartlib, to whom they were sent.
Printed by R. C. for Iohn Bellamy, at the three Golden Lions in Cornhill, neer the Royall Exchange. 1648.
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