The Hartlib Papers

Title:News From The Continent, In Latin And English
Dating:14 October 1634

Reversus ex Polonia schahinus Aga benignè ab Imperatore exceptus fuit, quod pacem ex voto Majestatis suæ conclusam esse referat; Legatus cum ratificatione in dies expectatur, post cuius adventum constabunt conditiones, de quibus volente Deo Ill. M.V. certiorem reddam. Interim tamen hæret adhuc exercitus Ottomannicus in finibus Valachiæ, id quod animum Principis Transilvaniæ non parum affligit, adeo ut totius Provintiæ viribus collectis; Ille castra quoque sua ab altera parte propre fines Valachiæ posuerit, ostendens se, in omnem eventum paratissimum, ut se ipsum, et privilegia atque libertatem Transilvaniæ armis contra quoscunque defendat, id quod Celsitudini eius, meo quidem iuditio, et intra et extra provinciam, maiorem autoritatem conciliabit, nec persuadere mihi possum, Turcas hac tempestate, æstate iam decursa, et appropinquante hieme, in istis partibus versus Septentrionem sitis aliquid novi molituros, sed cum intelligant, incolas omnes, cum in hac causa de libertate illorum agatur, à partibus Principis stare, dissimulaturos esse, quamvis propositum ipsis fuisset, aliquid contra personam eius attentare; tempus nos de eventu reddet certiores.
Constantinopol. 14. die Octobr. 1634.

[another hand:]
                    From Brussels.
The voyage of the Cardinall towards Flaunders is delayed, because Duke Newburg could not bee dispatched so soone as was thought.
It is said that the states of Flaunders et Hermegon haue delivered a requeste of [word deleted?] full of many complaints, et that Cardinall has send this into Spaine.
Duke Newburg is gon from hence to Namur et from thence goes for Vienna to Speake with the Emperour. His negotiation in this place remaineth imperfecte. Hee still keeps his forces et is resolved to keepe them allthough the Spanish will not continue their promised contribution of 60000 [Crownes?] every month, of wich hee has not gotten but 60m Franckes ever sence the treatie between them. It is said that his troupes amounte to a number of 8000.
Som regiments are heer reformed et leavies made for to supplie them.
There is a noice heere, but arising from weake grounds, that the Marquis of Leganes has been murthered in Fraunce, which if so bee, it will make greate hatred against the Franshe that are heere, which is allreadie so greate, that scarce they can bee anie more save, many of them beeing killed upon the streets this weeke.