The Hartlib Papers

Title:News From The Continent, In Latin And English
Dating:24 August 1634

Mortaza Passa traiecto Danubio, obviam habuit tabellarium cum litteris Schahini Agæ, quibus significat secum Legato Polonico adventare, et magnam propterea spem pacis facit; quod Turcis, qui a bello Polonico alieni sunt, maximè placet. Ita ut meo iudicio difficultates omnes honesto aliquo prætextu composituri sint, maximè cum Abara Passa belli autor et promotor, heri sub noctem, iussu huius Sultani, laqueo gula fracto, occisus sit, e hodie nihilominus cum ingenti funerali pompa sepultus, quemadmodum supremis Vezyrijs, qui in officio et Principis gratia constituti mortem oppetunt, exequiæ fieri solent. Id quod hic exemplo caret, sed à celeberrimo isto Duce Abara impetratum fuit.   Advenerunt heri duo Legati Moscovitici, et ante triduum Dominus Russellus, privatus, et ut arbitror, sine negotijs, eo proposito, ut in Transilvaniam proficiscatur.
Constantinopol 24 Augusti 1634.

[another hand:]
I. The [word deleted] Ile taken by the companie in Westindia is called Cura-Coa. It has no castle, but ower people begins to make two sconces. The circuite is 10 miles, et the depht of the [Zea? MS edge] roundabout is 30 a 40 [vaderres?]. There are found in it 1 some excellente pannes for make salte. 2 8000 sheepe. 3. 4000 Koives. 4 500 Indiane people with 15 or 18 Spaniards. The two ships that came ouer with this tiding are esteemed in their riches 806589 gilders.
II. Two ships from Horn richly loaden, comming from Italie, rescontred in the very mouth of the Middellandish Zea 4 greate ships from Algiers. One of those two happened on fier et was burned, save the people which was saved by the other, the second runne away, the Turckes gote nothing.
III. One of the two extraordinarie anbassadours in Fraunce, Sir [word deleted] Knuite, which was latly heere, came ouer againe, et having tarried heere no longer but 4 dayes, presently wente againe to Fraunce, wherefore greate business are thaught to bee at hand.
IV. Some 3 dayes agoe the ordinarie petition has been delivered by the counselours of state. Will yee know what this is? Every yeare the Counselours of the states with aduice of the prince, are to sete up a Catalogue, whate is needfull for the yeare comming for defension againste the enemie et desire the provinces to bring in so much contribution. This petition is send to all the provinces, et if they giue consente to so much meanes then the particulare employmente of those meanes standeth at the authoritie of Prince et those states generall, which are deputed for his assessours in warre.
V. That long exspected regimente of Charnassé out of Fraunce is at lenght arrived at the Briel, beeing 8 companies et the reste to follow. They are not very acceptable at this time, sence they came not when they should. The winter, say they, wee muste feed them, et when they shall goe into the field, they runne away againe