The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Joshua Rawlin To Hartlib
Dating:15 May 1648
Ref:10/10/7A-8B: 7B-8A BLANK

                   Adesham. Kent.
                    May 15th. 1648.
Much Honoured Sir/
                   Yours of the 4th of May, I receiued, together with the Inclosed Memoriall, for Advancement, of Vniuersall Learning; The Motion for Erecting An Office of Addresse, in London &The Remonstrance of the Fragibility of the Designes described by W. K. together with His Declaration &For all Which I returne many Thankes, and [am? hole in MS] heartily sorrie, that the Tirranny of my Occasions, the last weeke, was so great, and Vrgent, that I could not then returne an Answere: As also, that the Turbulancie of the times, which threatens vs (I am sure in the County) every day more, and more, will not suffer Your Designe to take its Desired Effect. The last Thursday, was sevennight, at a Meeting of Diuerse Ministers, of This County, at Maidstone, Mr Capell, together with Mr Taylour (One of the Assembly, who liues at Canterbury,to whom also I had imparted A Copy of Each of Your Books) moued [the? MS faded] Buisnesse to them, with a great Desire to Promote It, but found, it receiued not answerable Entertainment; Not Any of them caring much to heare of Any Such thing, except only Mr Horne, [Schoole? MS faded] master of Tunbridge, Who (as I take it) had been acquainted [with? MS torn] It before. And truely Sir, I must needs say, that though I find [some? MS faded] Few Publicke Spirited Men, who would bee very Glad, to [Advance? MS faded] what in them lies, so Vniuersall A Good; yet, tell the Generality? [MS faded] of Men, of Any such Vndertaking, et lapidi dixeris, in [some? word missing: MS torn] They are no more moued with it. Howeuer, I am resolued, by [the? MS torn] Grace of God, not to neglect, any opportunity; any way, or means [where? MS torn] by I may, possesse, Any one, of the with the Full Knowledge of, [and? MS faded] if it may bee, stirre up theyr Resolutions, to a Speedie, and [Effectual? MS faded] Backing, Your most Pious Endeauours, for the Publicke Good. And now <here>, Giue mee leaue, to acquaint You, with one Objection, I meet with, in most men, and that is; That, though Yourselfe bee a Gentlemen, may every way bee confided in, yet what Assurance can You, or Any Man giue, not only of Those Officers, now to bee [Employed,? MS faded] but also, which is more considerable, of Those, Who shall succeed You, Who, if not truely Religious, and Honest, may haue such an [opportunity? MS edge] (as they say) of wronging the Commonwealth, as neuer men had, and that under a Pretence, of Benefiting It. This Sir hath been [objected? MS torn] not only to my selfe, but also, to Mr Capell, and others, Who the [word missing: MS torn] acquaint You with it, as I shall [word missing: hole in MS] occasion, with what else considerable, I meet with; that so, from Your selfe, I may bee the better enabled to answere them. Sir I thanke You, for that of Sir Cheyney, (and conceiue it were, an excellent way, for the Rowsing Ingenuous Spirits; amongst whom, I reckon Mr Pety, and should bee very sorry, his Inventiue Faculty, should want Incouragement, and yet, I see Men are lost to deposite monies, so long aforehand) As also, for those other Hints, you giue mee, that so, I may not bee weary, in well doing, all which, I assure You, shall not bee lost. And now, Sir, I am in the last place, infinitely to thanke You, for those most Kind [Profers? MS unclear], of Your Assistance [in? MS torn] [left margin:] Private Vndertakings: Truly, at present my Charge is so small, that I shall not trouble, or Interrupt Your more serious thoughts, with such petty Buisnesses, but I hope, ere long, I may bee in a capacity, of making use, of Your most Courteous Tender, hauing had some Overtures, made to mee, aboute Tunbridge Schoole, of which I was once A Scollar, and haue ever desired no Greater Præferment; and indeed, I know nothing, can hinder mee from it (considering my being a Scollar there, my Fathers hauing been of the Companie of Skinners, the Guardians of it, together with some other respects) except the want of one Years standing, in the Vniversity, for it seems none but Masters of Art, are Capable of it; though yet, I know not, whither, this Difficulty, bee insuperable. Thus, in very great hast, I leaue You in [the? MS torn] Armes of Providence, humbly taking my leaue, and remaining, Sir
                 Your most Cordiall [Friend? MS torn]
                    servant Ioshua Rawlin

For my much Honoured Freind
   Mr Samuel Hartlib at
    His House in Dukes-Place
     These bee Presented
[below address, another hand:] Rawlinson