The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Joshua Rawlin To Hartlib
Dating:1 May 1648
Ref:10/10/5A-6B: 5B-6A BLANK

Much Honoured Sir/
                   Your most Worthy Letter, I receiued, together with the Inclosed Modell of a Christian Societie, as also that Idæa, or Draught for furthering the Designe, till it may receiue a more Publicke Stampe. For all which, I haue nothing to returne, but my Hearty thankes, together with a most Serious Promise, of <the> Realitie of my Intentions, and endeauours, for the Promoting, what in mee lies, this Blessed Designe. Especially, since the Lord hath been pleased to offer mee, now at length, so faire an opportunitie, of putting in practice, those Desires (, I haue euer yet had) of seruing the Publicke; which I may truely say, haue been very Impetuous in mee, even from a Childe. And truely Sir, thus much I dare assure You, that whateuer my Abilities may bee, yet there shall neuer bee the least defect, in my Affections, or Will, to serue the Publicke: and how can I better, than in this, which I am fully convinc'd, tends every way so much, to the Advancement of the Good Glory of God, and Good of All men, Both Conjunction, and Diuision; and that in all Particulars, relating as well to Soule, as Body; than which nothing <certainly> can bee more truely Good, nothing more truely Publicke. Sir I forgotte in my last indeed, to acquainte You, as was intended, with the true Cause of Leauing London, without taking leaue of Yourselfe; but since some Friend hath done it, for mee, and You are pleased to Accept of the Excuse, I need say no more. Speaking yesterday with Sir Iames Oxenden, Father to Mr Oxenden, mentioned in my last, and now at London, I find, that hee is much taken with Your Designe, and accordingly was very desirous of the second parte, which this morning I sent him, together with the Modell. Hee is very sorrie, that there should bee wanting, either Leisure, or Will, in Any, for the Propagating so Vniversall A Good. Hee may doe much, for the Advancing it, among our Gentry; some of whom, I haue alreadie spoken with aboute it, and perceiue them, to bee very sensible, and really apprehensiue of it; in so much as I am assured, of theyr Furtherance, both with Monies, and otherwise. The Idæa, or Draught for gaining Contributions &c I haue read ouer, and conceiue, it may much helpe the Buisnesse, since the Stampe of Publicke Authority, can not yet bee procured, though Mr Capell (who retunes his Best Respects, and Seruices, to Your Worthy selfe, with many thankes, for your Books, and Assurances of his Vtmost Endeauours, for the Advancement, of so happie an Enterprice) could wish, the Countenance of Parliament Authority, might bee gained, for the Better, and more Sure Proceeding: Howeuer You may bee confident of his As Assistance, in what hee may, or can. I shall deale with others, upon occasion as effectually as I can, as I haue alreadie with Learned Mr Aldrich (whom Mr Rand Knowes) who does very much approue of it, and will to his power Promote it; on whom, I intend, God willing, as from Yourselfe, to bestowe, one of th each of those Books you sent; as I shall the Rest on others, whom I find Deseruing, and only Such; for I shall not bee too Prodigall. What I doe in the Buisnesse, I shall still giue You notice, and bee readie to Proceed further, as I shall receiue Directions, from Your selfe: Trusting, that that God, who, I verily Beleiue, hath sent You hither, from Your owne Natiue Country, and Dearest Friends, for some Extraordinarie Purposes, and Good to this Land, will at Length bring aboute his owne worke, for the Good of all Such, as loue the Lord Iesus Christ, in Sinceritie, to whom, I humbly commend You, and all Your Pious, and Christian Endeauours, and Rest, though in hast, yet heartily
May. 1. { 1648.
                                Faithfully to serue You
                                      Ioshua Rawlin

To my much Honoured Friend
  Mr Samuel Hartlib at His
   House in Dukes-Place
       Present these
          I pray