The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Joshua Rawlin To Hartlib
Dating:25 April 1648
Ref:10/10/3A-4B: 3B-4A BLANK

                    Aprill. 25. 1648.
Much Honoured Sir/
                    These are in the first Place, to returne You Many, and Hearty thankes, for those Fauours, You were pleased, to shew mee, at my last being in London, Especially in those Bookes; as also in this Last, You haue Honoured mee with. Which was so much the more Welcome, by how much, the Content, I receiued, in reading over the Former, had whetted on my Desires, to a more Full Enjoyment, to Some further Discouery. And now, Sir, though the Designe, bee in itselfe, every <way> such, as can <not> receiue not the least Addition, by Any Approbation of Mine; Especially, hauing been so fully Approued, by the Most Iudicious; Yet, Giue mee leaue, to tell You, what thoughts presented themselues unto mee, while my eyes were Busyed, in informing my vnderstanding, with It. Truely, Sir, I could not looke upon it, with lesse, than Admiration, as conceiuing it, to bee one of the Greatest, Highest, and Noblest Designes, for the Reall Advancement of Publicke Good, that euer was set on Foote, in Any Kingdome; or that Any Commonwealth, was euer yet, Enhappied with. And surely, Sir, had You been Bigge with It, in Any Nation, but this, where that Cursed Privatum-Publicum, hath Banished all hopes <thoughts> of entertaining Any thing, that is truely Publicke, It would haue thought itselfe most happie, but to haue <had> the Least Finger, (not to say a hand) in the Midwifing to the World, so faire A Birth. Well, I haue imparted these Iewells, to some such of our Neighbours, whose Pallates, I conceiued would best rellish, such Dainties; among the Rest, to one Mr Oxenden, a Parliament-Man, who is much taken with them, and tells mee, hee hath much desired to see them, hauing heard much, of Yourselfe, and Designes, for Publicke <Good>, from Sir Cheyney Culpepper, of the House: Withall, I am assured from him, that whateuer may lye in his power, for its Advance, hee shall most willingly, and readily doe. This is all the Account, I can yet giue; but you may bee confident, that no opportunitie shall be neglected, whereby this, or any other Publicke Designe, may bee Furthered, by Him, who is, Sir
Adesham. Kent.
                 Your most Ingaged Freind, and Servant
                               Ioshua Rawlin

For my much Honoured Friend
  Mr Samuel Hartlib at His
   House in Dukes Place
    neere Algate. These
       bee Presented.