The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Joshua Rawlin To Hartlib
Dating:9 February 1646
Ref:10/10/1A-2B: 2A BLANK

                 Feb. 9th. 1645/6.
Much Honoured Sir/
            Not only a thankefull Acknowledgment of those Favours, You were pleased with such Freenesse, to imparte unto mee (at London) though a stranger: But also Earnest desires of a more neere Correspondence, (and (if it may bee) of furthering that great Designe (The which how faire You haue bidd for is manifest by Your unwearied Endeavours) of Advancing the Publicke Good), hath at this Time emboldned mee, thus to interrupt Your more Serious Thoughts, and according to Your owne desires, and injunctions, to giue You an Account in what state, the Buisnesse, You may bee pleased to Remember Wee spake about, is. I was in hope at my comming downe, to haue found it in a better Condition, than now I see it is; by Reason (as I conceiue) of some jugling some where, though as yet wee can not learne the Depth. Only this, though there haue been grand misdemeanors once and againe proved, against the Partie, that now hath the Place, and sufficient to haue turned Him out long since, yet His Friends are so prævalent, as to Keep Him still in, notwithstanding all Endeavours to the Contrarie. And indeed (to speak my owne minde) I am not much troubled at it, since I did at the very first motioning of it to mee, conceiue my selfe to bee altogether unfitt for so weighty a buisnesse, and now much more since the reading those Peices You were pleased to enhappy mee with: Being now farr more willing to learne, that bee a Teacher of Others. And therefore shall esteem it no small Advance towards my Preferment, if I shall by Your Advice, and Directions bee made some way capable of serving the Publicke, either this, or any other way, God shall bee pleased to put mee upon. And thus You see Sir I am as yet free from any <x> <left margin: x I haue only 2 or 3 Gentlemens Sons, whom I am now beginning with, and should bee glad of any Advice from Your selfe.> Publicke Imployment, therefore haue the more leasure to fitt my selfe, had I some directions, for such a Designe when an Opportunitie shall offer it selfe. And this may suffice for my owne Particular. Now Sir giue mee leaue to acquaint You, with some such motions as haue been made unto mee, concerning the Worke Your selfe haue in hand, as
jo. That the World may yet further bee satisfied, by some Compleat Treatise of Your owne, what it is You undertake towards the Advancement of Learning.
2o. With whom it is You haue advised in the Kind, and how farr You haue had Their Approbation.
3o. What Experience Any any where haue yet made of This New Method, and with what Successe. As also
4o. That Mr Comenius may bee gott over in Person.
5o. Such an Association both of Ministers, and Others, in Every Countie bee thought upon, As may best serue by Common Counsell, to consider of all Results, alreadie resolved upon, as also to Examine all Doubts as yet in dispute, concerning the Method mentioned.
6o. That none might hereafter bee admitted, as a Master Publickely to teach any Grammer Schoole, but Such as should first haue been Examined, and approved by the Associations in Their severall Counties forementioned.

7o. That You would bee pleased to reade, and declare Your opinion upon a Booke long since Printed, and intituled Obstetrix Animorum. As also who Those are that haue written most to Your Minde.
This is all I am desired, or haue to request of You, and therefore shall desiring You would bee pleased to Pardon my Boldnesse in occasioning You this Trouble, I shall take my leaue, and Rest
Adesham. Kent.
                  Your most ingaged Freind to serue You
          I am
                                         Ioshua Rawlin.

For his much Honoured Friend
  Mr Samuel Hartlib at his
    House in Dukes Place
     neere Cree-church
      These bee presented.