The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Richard Rawlinson To Hartlib
Dating:17 April 1658
Ref:10/9/5A-6B: 6B BLANK

To my much honoured friend
Mr Samuel Hartlib at his
house by Charein Crosse
           this present
[another hand?:] 2d

Worthy Sir
I received yours &if the many busines of the Colledge the care of some the young Gentlemen I haue under my Tuition &other both publicke &private exercises I haue to doe, did not hinder me, I would not faile to answer your desires in comeing to London speedily to you; but these impediments are such as that for the present I dare not promise to come, because I yet know not that they will permit my absence at this time, (though if I had known your desire last weeke I might haue been with you some part of this) yet if I can possibly obtaine leave of my foresaid urgent occasions I will if you thinke it necessary come towards you upon Thursday or friday next; but when I come I shall not be able to stay aboue one or two dayes in towne because of exercise that will require my presence here; I should be very glad to see those worthy persons you name &I hope I shall at their convenience doe so in Oxford, where, as things stand at present I should be glad to receiue your minde by letter, but if that may not be so, as you intimate it will not so well, then if in a line or two you signify by the very next post that you would haue me to come up, then I will god willing use my out-most industry so to order it to come as I said on Thursday or friday. If you write by the next post it will come to me on Tuesay or [left margin (10/9/5B):] or Wednesday. I pray Sir faile not to let haue your minde by the very next post, which if you doe, you must write &send it by the post as soone as you receive this. I am very sorry for your indisposition, your perfect health is the greate desire of
                Your respectfull friend &humble servant
                                     Richard Rawlinson.
Queens College Oxon.
            17. Apr. 58.