The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Richard Rawlinson To Hartlib
Dating:30 January 1654

Worthy Sir
According to my promise, I haue sent you some copies of the observation Dr[altered from Mr] Wallis and I made of the suns ecclipse, I had sent you more but that Dr Wallis sends by you I suppose to Hevelius: I had herewith given[altered] you another observation of a Solar ecclipse on Saturday last, (for I was in readines for it) had not the day been cloudy till it was over, but when any opportunity serves hereafter for the like, I shall be mindfull to make use of it. Mr Wren tells me he will give you an account of what you desired by me concerning Bees, but for ought I perceive by him, their expectations are not fully answered. I had not opportunity to waite upon Mr Benlowes before I left London, else I doubted not to haue obtained a copy of the experiments he promised you, and I suppose performed; if you be pleased to communicate them to me, you will much adde to the former obligations of
                   Your respectfull friend &[servant?]
                               Richard Rawlinson.
Queens College Oxon
  Jan. 30
    -- 54.

Fo my much honoured friend
Mr Hartlib
              this present.