The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Motion On Interpretation Of Hebrew Text Of The Bible, Christian Rave
Ref:10/8/1A-2B: 1B-2A BLANK

      The humble Motion of Christian Ravis
         the hebrew Lecturer;
That Some who are well skilled in the hebrew &other Orientall tongues, able also to expresse themselves in this English tongue to the full, may be encouraged, &set a part, to ioyne in the examinacion of all the various interpretacions of the hebrew text; to shew the true &proper meaning of every doubtfull word &phraze according to the property &fullnes of that tongue; that not only the true interpretacion of every place may be known; but also the true reason therof understood
1    This would be a great help for all that study the Orientall tongues, to come speedily to the perfection thereof;
2    To be eased, of buying, &reading many Interpreters
3    To be able without interpreters to make use of the text it selfe
4    To reconcile doubtfull &contradictory places in appearance
5    To prevent &correct many scruples, errors, &mistakes; whence many disputes, &some heresies are growne; which scandalize the Papists; Iewes, &Turks, &keep them from embracing Christianity
6    To maintaine the Authority &Credit of the Divinity of the holy Scriptures against the Objectcions of Atheists, &Scoffers of Religion;
7    To inable those that are Conscionable, Zealous, &Studious of the Truth, to deale more effectually with all Adversaryes &to satisfy their owne Iudgments in the sense of the Scriptures;

[another hand:] Proposals of Ravis
                  the Hebrew Lecturer