The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, [E.T.?] To Hartlib
Dating:2 May 1660
Ref:10/7/3A-4B: 3B BLANK
Notes:Transcription order is 10/7/3A, 4B, 4A.

Honoured freind     Canterbury May 2d 1660. in exilio
  I directed you in my last to send to Mr Tho. Vaughan Minister at Smarden in Kent for his Iulap &Powder an in fallible cure of the stone in bladder or raines &that in an instant yeildinge ease &in 3 doses a perfect cure. &have since written to him to write <to> you least my letter or directions should not find you or him. His carrier called Barton lyes at the Queenes head in Somers key Billingsgate London comes to London wedensday night or Thursday morninge tyde &returnes thursday night or friday morninge tides.
  I gave you alsoe a short touch of my thoughts concerninge the prophesies wanderinge about this nation upon occasion of that falsely attributed to Generall Monke
  I pray reserve mee a coppy of that my letter for it was a very notable conjecture I made of that prophesie A[altered from a] freind of mine with whom I have since had some discourse to the same purpose hath given mee occasion to suspect that the very wordes of it will <be> found in Chauncer our English Virgell were it not for the honour I beare to Generall Monke I would print &detect the imposture of it &therein of all such abusive prophesies by a just discourse upon the particulars I insisted on in my letter to you.
   Beinge detained &almost confined in a private freinds house neare this citty I have leasure as it were perforce &am by providence constrained as it were to finish my Clavis to the Propheticall scriptures wherein I doe dayly find such new cleare light &admirable harmony as doth not onely convince mee but astonish mee in the particular [word deleted] reviewe of the progresse <I have allready made>. after I have drawne my thoughts into[altered] a breife scheme I purpose to print them in Tables which at [left margin:] the first viewe will demonstrate the Harmonie after the manner of Mr

Medes Clavis Apocalypt. but I desire if you communicate any particulars about it you would suppresse my name for I know not myself what the consequence of my foundation may hold out to the world in Temporalls &Eclesiasticalls One or two particulars I cannot but out of <my> respects impart unto you
  Luther you knowe begunne his opposition to the Papall indulgences 1517 &shortly after published his other doctrines amongst which I espetially take notice of his precheinge righteousnes by faith for want of authors I [cannot? MS edge] state the day yeare wherein he first preched this doctrine. But I find [Nouh?] the precher of Righteousnes whom I hope to [coince?] to be his Type [began?] his Ministry 1536. &[Sem?] the Type of the Evangelicall Churches <was Borne AM> 1502 beinge the high noone of the 2d day of the second <first> addam whereunto answers the erection of the pure Helvetian Churches for I find [caloins?] letter from Berne to the French Kinge dated 1536. prefatory to his institutions.
  The High noone of the 3d day gave [Iszack?] possession of Canaan <2>2.546 AM. The 4th day at Noone hath the reedification of Ierusalem by Nehemiah AM. 3550 or thereabouts. Answerable whereunto events are to be expected in the like distance from Christ the second addam The noone of the first brought day brought in all the famous Emperours &learned fathers viz in the 5 6 &7th howers of that day [viz? altered] 4 5 &6. Centurie after which Mahomet &the Papal apostacie prævailed in East &west in 7. 8. 9. [word illeg.]
  The noone of the second day of Christ was 1500 as I have said This centurie <viz 1600.> seemes to be marked by the Birth of Azphaxad which signifies healeinge which prophesie god fulfill unto his people of his great mercy. he was borne 1656 or 1658[altered] as I remember. I pray favour mee with a line or two of your sense of our perliament temper &proceedinges &let your letter be sent by common post to Daniel Richardson at the Meremaid Canterbury there I will call for it [left margin:] Our Cavileeres here set up infinite maypoles &drinke confusion to Zion &the Kinge of Zion to the Great Scandall of weake ones as is said

   His much honoured freind
 Samuel Hartlibb Esq. at
 his sonne Mr Samuel Hartlibbs
 house in Axyards &Kings streete
  Post paid