The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Martin Grundman To Hartlib
Dating:30 September 1661

Much honoured Sir
Next my humble service to you, though I have not heard from you this great while yet you are often in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope in the Lord that you are some what better in health then you were wont to be, if not I pray to God the alone Physition of soule and body to sanctifie his hand to you and to heale you. Sir my stedfastnesse in these times of changes adhering to the fixe principles of the Reformed Churches, hath cost me my lively hood, the Bishop[altered] having taken all meanes from me and left me to the wide world, only through Gods rich mercy I have still liberty upon Lords dayes and [weecke?] dayes to preach, how long that will be continued to me, the Lord knows. My condition is very Low and would I have conformed I might haue been continued. But farre be it from me that for meere outward gain I should be unfaithfull to the Lord, forsake the wayes of truth and betray a good conscience. I am resolved in the name and through the strength of the Lord to hold out in the way of God, though I should be brought neuer to low assuredly beleeving that the Lord will care for me as hetherto he has done. In the meane time if you could be helpfull to me to be a chapplain to some knight or Gentelman that is a Godlie man where I might not be burdened with the [yoke? altered] of Ceremonies or to be a tutor to some Gentelmans Son that is a Golie man you would doe me a great courtesie. I pray sir think on me pray for me and be carefull of me. I shall entreat you to send inclosed by the first post for Holland. I wounder whether my letters were sent by mr Commenius for Silesia I hearing nothing from them. I must shortly trouble you with another letter to sent it thither. [could? blot] I but heare from them how things stand ther I cannot tell whether I should not make a journey thether. if you haue any newes from thence or any thing alse worthy to be known, I pray you let me heare from you and so I commit you to the Lord and rest
                     your oblieged servant in the Lord
                             Martin Grundman
Llandyssell September 30th/61

For his much honoured Frind mr Samuel
      Hartlieb at his hous in Axeyard
        in Kings street Westminster these
[another hand: 3]           London.
[to right of address, another hand:] 7ber 30. 61.
[printed stamp: OC/4]