The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Martin Grundman To Hartlib
Dating:11 December 1660
Ref:10/5/25A-26B: 25B, 26B BLANK

For his much honoured Frind Mr Samuel
   Hartlib at his house Axe-yard in Kings street
       Westminster these
post payd. [another hand: 3?]
[to right of address, another hand:] Dec 11. 60/

Honoured Sir
This day I received a letter from a person of worth who informes me that Sir Thomas Middelton is resolved against me to remove me out of both places, their being as he sayth a promise to a chaplayne of his. And though I have beene commended to him of some frinds he urgeth (it seemeth) the contrary reports of Gentry of our Country. I praise God I am not conscious to myself of any thing that they can say against me. I know ther is not a sober Godly man that will speake against me. And though I am informed that not withstanding that I am an Allien the Act confirmes me in my place, yet I am loth to contend; I could heartily wishe that Sir Thomas Middelton might be taken off and his favour procured for me Sir let me entreat you and your honoured Son, much[altered from mr] honoured mr Dury and others to stand by me by recommending me to your honoured Frinds in the house that me be able to prevaile with Sir Thomas Middelton and the Bishop not to molest me. Sir whatsoeuer they may alledge it is because I was in London as you know and did appeare in that busines for the country. As for other businesses I never did [middel?] with any but[altered] only did follow the worck of my calling to the utmost of my power and in serving the Country gratis for the removing of diseases according to that littel skil that I have. I pray you sir muster up all your frinds and see what you can do under God, and the Lord be with you and order all things for the best, to whom with all yours I commit you and rest
Honoured Sir
                       yours to be commanded by you
                                  in the Lord
                             Martin Grundman
                                    [pp? abbreviation]
Llandyssell December 11th/60.