The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Martin Grundman To Hartlib
Dating:3 December 1660
Ref:10/5/23A-24B: 23B BLANK

Much honoured Sir
I returne you many thanks for your last of the 27 of Nov. which this night came safely to my hands expressing both yours and your worthy Sons love and readines to further my good. sir if it was possible to obtain the Naturalization I am very loth upon uncertainties to buy it so deare: for I am afraid that though I should be naturalized, unlesse I could currere quatuor pedibus (as they say) it would be to littel or noe purpose in that respect. As for the Free Danization by his Majesty I shall consider of it and informe myself, how farre forth it may priviledge me. Ther have been meanes used to the Bishop by some Gentelmen in my behalf, who also have endeavoured to take of the misinformations given in against me by some as though I was a fanatick, by others as though I was a Iesuitie He was very civil and seemed somewhat better satisfied then before howsoever I beleeve I shall loose the greatest part of the meanes if not all in time. My case is this: Llandyssell consisted of a Rectory which is a Sine Cura and a Viccarage both together worth communibus annis 70 lb per annum the Rectory betweene 40 and 50 pounds a yeare the viccarage about 30 lb. these hetherto I have enjoyed together being but a competent living. yet because I was afraid least I should not hold both I have used all meanes to have the Rectory confirmed by getting out the great seale and then I would have parted with the viccarage if I could not have kept both. But all that my frinds could obtain from mr Ren the Lord Chancellours Secretary was to hinder the granting of the Seale to any other Since it is come to the Bishop who is Doctor Griffith the Bishop of St. Asaph, ther had been application made to him but as yet in vain: and I understand that he has partly promised the Sine Cura to Sir Thomas Middelton his chapplain, ther are meanes used by some Gentelmen to take him of also, whether they will prevaile I cannot tell. As for the viccarage I think I am setteld by the Act unlesse this makes me uncapable that I am an Alien. Sir if you and your Son could be any way helpfull to me through your frinds to procure me Bishop Griffiths his favour not to molest me, it would be a great mercy to me and I should never be able to cancell this obligation I pray you try what you can do. My Lord Arthur Annesly might doe much in the busines I conceive. I shall commit my self and my businesse to you and your Son and all of vs to the Lord and so next my true love and respect both to you and your Son my honoured Frind I rest
sir              your oblieged and faithfull frind and
                      Martin Grundman
[left margin:]
sir I question not but you remember mr Laubanus and my father who were not papist but true protestants of the reformed Churches and I my self was brought up only in Protestant Universities. I shall entreat your directions as also hearty prayers for the Lord to stand by me and to dispose of me wher he sees good.
                            Llandyssell December 3th/60

For his much honoured Frind mr Samuel
    Hartlib at his house Axe-yard in Kings-
     street Westminster these
        [another hand: 3?]