The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Martin Grundman To Hartlib
Dating:20 November 1660
Ref:10/5/21A-22B: 21B BLANK

Honoured Sir
   Though I have not wriet to you since I was with you in London yet I am not unmindfull of you and yours in my prayers and I give you and your Son, my much respected Frind, harty thanks for your last favours as also for all formers. Since my returne from London ther have beene great endeavours to gett my place from me, but through Gods goodnes and mercy I have kept it hetherto, though all the rest of the presbyterie are turned out and of the Independents. But seeing they have not prevailed against me, I am informed that now they worck with the Bishop and that they doe intend to gett me out because I am an Alien. Wherfore my hearty request is to you and your Son, that your Son would doe me that great keines as to putt me in to the number of those that are to be naturalized, if ther be any such thing, and follow it for me that it may be [word deleted] done and I shall not only with all speed send up what the costs will come too after I have notice off, but also be heartily thankfull to him for his loue, care and pains in the busines. My request also is that yourself and honoured Mr Dury and Mr Hack (to all which I present my humble service) would lend your helping hand to me by procuring Frinds to effect it. I haue a wife and three children to provide for, which will be exposed with me to great misery, (beseits the losse of my gifts in the worck of the mynistry) if I should be made incapable of preaching upon this score. Sir you and your Son know better what to say in this case then I can. I beseech you therfore doe for me what you can and let me heare from you withall speed whether I may depend on you or noe and what alse you shall judge necessary as to that busines. No more at present but that I committ you and yours to the Lord and rest
                  Your oblieged and Faithfull frind
                           and servant
                          Martin Grundman Rector
                                  off Llandyssell
Llandyssell November 20th/60.
I pray let your direction be [thiss?]
     For Martin Grundman Minister of Llandyssell
          neere Mountgomery. Leave this with Mr
           Nathanael Ravens in Welsh poole to be
              send as above
  and undernead the letter wriett
                                 by[faint or erased?]

For his honoured Frind Mr Samuel Hartlieb
    at his house in Axelyard King street neere
      Westminster these
[another hand: 3?]

[another hand:] November 20 - 60