The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Martin Grundman To Hartlib
Dating:7 January 1660

Much honoured sir
I give you heartily thanks for yours of the 24 decemb. with the inclosed which came out of Silesia from my brother from whence I did not heare these eight years. they signify that my Loving mother is dead and one of my brothers. how they came to your hands I know not they require a speedy answer, wherfore I must entreat you to doe me the keinesse to take care of the inclosed that they may with speed and savety either per Amsterdam or Dantzig be convayed to Breslauw and so to Brieg. I know not to direct them to any in Breslaw in the next letters I shall receive direction. But if [they? MS torn] come once there they will come to my brother in Brig who is a Iuris consultus there. My former merchants in Breslaw where [German?] David Ebrin [German], but whether they are dead or alive I know not. If you send can send the letter to them that did send my brothers to you, I doubt not but it may come to him. I shall entreat you if any letters for me shall come to your hands or to your Sons from Holland or from Germany to receive them and to send them to me and to set down what you lay out for the letters that you receive for me and from me and I shall take care that it be thankfully repayd to you. I would haue payd for these but I was afraid lest they should miscarry. I am daily threathned to be put out of all; but through Gods goodnesse I am still in my worck, whom alone I haue to rely one to support and to defend me against all the assaults of the evil one and his instruments. Now and then yea very often I am forste to administer physick and chirurgery amongst my people and the nighbouhring parishes for want of better physitions. for though I professe neither yet the importunitie of the poore people and of my frinds hath put me upon to practise that littel experience that I have gott in my Iourneis and since I have beene here to loocke more into it then ever I did intend to doe. I shal also entreat you that the other letter with yours may be delivered to the post for to be sent to Amsterdam. Noe more at present but let me enjoy your prayers and so I commit you to the Lord to strenghten you, to ease you and to spare you yet many dayes for his glory and his Churches good and rest
Sir              your greatly oblieged frind and servant
                             in all sincerity
                         Martin Grundman [u propriĆ¢?]
Llandussell Ianuari 7th/60.
    I pray present my service to your worthy Son.

For his much honoured Frind mr
   Samuel Hartlib at his house Axeyard
    in Kings street Westminster these
         [another hand: 9?]
[above address:]
[another hand:] Ianuary 7. 60
[a third hand:] Grundman