The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Martin Grundman To Hartlib
Dating:18 And 30 June 1659
Ref:10/5/11A-12B: 11B BLANK

For his much honoured Frind Mr
    Samuel Hartlib at his house
    in Kings street Westminster in
      Axe-yard these
          [another hand?: 3?]
[top of page, another hand:] Feb. 21. 60

Honoured sir
I received your last the 19 of April being just through the Lords rich mercy recovered from an high fever, as also the two dosen of Catechisme[altered] and the two copies of the [word deleted] <faith> and order of congregational Churches by the Caryer within 14 dayes after. Sir I returne you my hearty thanks and send you by this beahrer John Pierce the five schillings and eight pence for them which you say they did cost and if in any way I may be serviceable to you, I shall much rejoyce in it. sir it is long since I heard from Silesia and the merchant by whom I was wont to send Mr Robert Hicks being gone from London, I doe not know how to convay any letters to my mother and frinds. if you could obtain the favour from your Dutch merchants your frinds to send me some letters to Amsterdam or to Leipsig that they might be convaied to Breslaw[altered] you would doe me a great courtesie and I shall willingly pay for them whatsoeuer they shall cost. I pray sir let me heare from you concerning this. I am sorrow to heare of your indisposednes of body: the Lord in mercy looke on you, mitigate your pain and carry you with joy unto journeis end even the Salvation of your soul. through our Lord Iesus to whom I commit you and your affairs resting
                       yours oblieged to love and
                             serve you
                        Martinus Grundman
Llandyssell Iune 18o/59.
Sir this letter was to come to you by one Iohn Pierce, but he outgoing me, I [am? altered] forced to send it by the post; the money you shall have with the first opportunitie. I shall entreat you to communicat unto me your newes if it be of any concernment. Here is none but that the Cavaliers yet looke for a day, and doe raise up their hopes by every crosse dispensation: The Good Lord looke in much mercy on vs and the Nations wherin we lieve and settel truth peace and reightousnesse amongst vs which is the prayer of your servant
                                 Martinus Grundman
Iune 30 1659.

[another hand:] Grundman