The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Martin Grundman To Hartlib
Dating:15 March 1659
Ref:10/5/9A-10B: 10B BLANK
Notes:Letter begins on 10/5/10A and continues in margin and across 10/5/9B.

For his much honoured Frind Mr Samuel
   Hartlib at his sons house neere Kings-
   streete Westmunster in Axe-yard
[right margin, another hand:] March. 15/58/
[a third hand:] Grundiman

Honoured Sir
Since I did receive your very loving letter, I was overwelmed partly by businesses, partly by distempers so that I was not able sooner to returne you thanks for yours, which now I doe, desirous to sympathize with you for your losse, which I know cannot but be very grievous to you; but the Lord is able to make it up unto you an other way, and if he now will be pleased to supply the want of this relation by the more frequent and familiar communications of his fellowship to your soul, you will be noe losser I am likewise heartily sorrow to heare that you are so grieved with the stone; Our good God the great Physition who is able to relieve you, looke in mercy on you and give you ease that yet you may be in a capacity to serve him in your generation.
I give you many thanks for your endeavour to gratifie you vs about the Scholemaster, but seeing that you know none we must make use of such as the neighbour hood will afford the standing salary is noe more but ten pounds per annum but we perceive that if he be a man fit for that worck that he may make 20 or 30 pound more. I have seene something of the wostershire Association as also of Cumberland and Westmerland and Essex, if you can help me to any thing that may give vs further light concerning that good and commendable worck I shall be thankfull to you. Our Carriers lodge at the Maidenhead in London not farre from Laurence Lane ther are many of them the ones name is forster, an others name is Tacco if by any of them or any other Salop Carrier you will send a Packet for salop to be delivered to mr William Lloyd Mercer in Salop, then it shall come save to my hands. ther is lately come out the judgement of the Congregational Brethren that met at Savoy I pray you doe me the keinesse as to send me two exemplaria of them, as also three dosens of the shorter Catechisme of the Assemblie of Divines with the [left margin:] Proofs thereof at large out of the scriptures printed at the fountain in Gold-smiths[altered] Row in Cheap-side, and send me the price [concerning? blotted] them and I will repay you with thanks. I shall intreat you likewise to let me know by the next whether the Opera Commeniana Didactica containe all the Artes and Sciences and the way how best to teache [word obliterated by blot?] or else how much they containe and then I will give you an answer whether you shall send me one of them or noe. I shall entreat you likewise to let me know by the next if you can what good we are like to expect in matters of religion from the present Parliament. the wicked with vs are

very high and expect strangish matters from them. The Lord grant that every one of vs may walk close[altered] with him and labour to doe his generation worck whilst the sun is up, for we doe not know how soone the night may overtake vs, when none shallbe able to worck I [have?] noe more at present but that I shall expect the mentioned things from you and so with my deare love and best respect to yourselve and our much honoured Frind mr Dury not forgetting your son, I commit you and yours to the gratious protection and Consolation of our Good God and mercifull Father and rest
Much honoured sir
                 yours faithfully in all Christian love
                          and humilitie
                          Martinus Grundman
                             [word illeg: abbreviation?]
Llandyssell March 15. 58/9
the Packet you may direct thus
For Martinus Grundman minister
    of the Gospell at Llandyssell neere
         Leave this with mr William Lloyd
           Mercer in Salop to be sent as above directed.