The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Martin Grundman To Hartlib
Dating:10 January 1658
Ref:10/5/7A-8B: 7B, 8A BLANK

Honoured Sir
next my true respect and hearty Love to you and yours, giving you many thanks for former keinesses, my request to you is, whether you could help vs to an able Schoolmaster to traine up Schollers in the Latine and greecke toungue and to fit them for the Universitie, which is a thing we much want at present in our County, ther being but one schoole that is worth any thing. Ther hath ben before these warres a famous schoole here in that place and great encourragement, and we doubt not will be the same now; if we can but meet with a man skilfull that way and willing consciensciously to discharge what he doth undertake yet that noe man may come down upon uncertainties, severall of vs in Llandyssell where we doe intend the schoole, have bound ourselves in a bond to settel upon him ten pound per annum for three yeares (but then our children shall pay nothing but for entrance) and if he likes vs and we him at the three yeares end then further care shall be taken to encourrage and to assure him of what shallbe fit: otherwise he shall have time to provide for himself elsewhere. Sir if herein you can gratifie vs with a godly and able man that will come down to vs to undertake the worck on these termes, I am perswaded you will herin doe God and acceptable service and we shallbe bound to serve you wherin we may: only let me heare, I pray, what we may expect from you within these fourten[altered] dayes to the furthest and direct your letter for welshpoole by salop-post. if by that time I doe not heare from you, you shall heare from me, therfore let me entreat your answer herin. I did writt formerly to you about another businesse but I never heard from you only that mr Thomas Harle lately told me that he was with you and left you well. I am sorry that I did not know of mr Durie his being at Wrexham, hath I known it I would have waithed on him. Mr Powel told me he saw him last month in London and hath some papers from him concerning an intended union in England. I am glad to heare that he hath an hearth and strength to serve his God and to doe his generation worck when the love of so many grows cold and many sit still and doe nothing, or if they are doing doe more hurt then good. I pray Sir present my due respect and Christian love to him and entreat him to be helpfull to vs in this good worck if he can. Ther are many good benefices in this county to the value of an hundred pound per annum and upward. If he that comes down is a deserving man and fitted by the Lord for the Ministrie he may in time when a place is vacant be setteld in it being once acquainted with the Gentelmen and Commissioners who are very ready to promote good men[altered from man]. For newes we have none but that ther is great struckling about the Elections each party labouring to carry on their interrest. The good Lord looke in mercy on vs and remove the great evills that hang over our heads by reason of our sins; to whose mercy I committ you and yours
Sir               yours most oblieged in the best bond
                          of Christian Love
                        Martinus Grundman
Llandyssell Januarie 10

For his much honoured Frind
   mr Samuel Hartlieb at his
      house neere chering-Crosse
         [squiggle? 3?]
[below address:]
[another hand:] Ian. 10/58
[a third hand:] Grundman