The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Martin Grundman To Hartlib
Dating:3 January 1654
Ref:10/5/4A-5B: 4B, 5B BLANK

For his much honoured Friend
  Mr Samuell Hartleib at his
    house in charing crosse
Hast, hast.
[another hand:] post payd
[right margin, a third hand: Ian. 3. 1653/4]

Much honoured Sir
My humble desire is that enclosed may instantly be convayed to the hands of mr Gieriesch, for ther is a letter in them which is to be delievered att Sir Richard Saltonstals in Duchy house, (who told me as he was in the country that you was his great Friend &we hath much discurse concerning you &your affairs) And it requires very great speed, an answer being expected by saturday post. In cause mr Gieriesch should not be found, I desire to doe me the favour as to draw the enclosed in mr Gieriesches out of it (for I have but <so> putt it <them> in that you might draw it <them> out), &to send it to Duchy house that it may speedily come to the hands of mr Powell &you shall very much engage me Beseits my request is if any letters come from beyond sea to your hands, as I expect they will[altered], that you would send them to me &pay the post for them &I shall thankfully restore the Expences &subscribe myself
                      Your Oblieged &humble
                      Martinus Grundman
Poole the 3 of Ianuary
    Anno 1653/4