The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Letters In Hand K, J. Goddard And John Wilkins To ?
Dating:16 November 1660 And Undated
Ref:10/3A-B: 3B BLANK

The Bearer hereof George[altered] Farmer, understanding that your self with Dr Busby and others are intrusted about the providing of a more then ordinary usefull and sufficient Clock for the Abby at Westminster, his trade having been much in such work, as well as his Masters before him: he hath induced me to presume to give you the trouble of these lines on his behalf, and to testifie what I am free unto, which is, that I have known him, and frequently made use of him in his trade for these five yeares, and doe judge him to be as able and sufficient therein as any, and also honest and ingenuous in his dealing. And if hereupon you shall please to imploy him, I dare presume he would well performe his undertaking. and to be sure (if that signified any thing) you would lay an obligation upon
                       Your most humble servant
                                         I Goddard
Gresham Colledge
   Novemb 16.
Sir I doe upon good grounds beleeve the testimony that is here given to the person recommended; and if it may be in your way to gratifie him in this his desire of employment, I shall likewise owne it as a kindness unto
                       Your humble servant
                                  Iohn Wilkins.