The Hartlib Papers

Title:Balthazar Gerbier, Advertisement For His Academy
Notes:See printed version at 10/2/27.

       To all Fathers of famillies, and Louers
              of knowledge and Virtues
Bee itt known to all Fathers of Famillies and Louers of knowledge and virtues, that a Gentleman of experience (Zealous for the honour and good of the Nation) hath resolued to apply himselfe to the establishing of an Academie within the kingdome of England; wherein exquisite men shall teach Languages, Sæiences, and manly actions, in a perfect and readdy Methode, as they are taught in the Academies of Paris in France, of Padua in Itally, and of Salamanca in Spaine; whereby all Louers of knowledge and Virtues will obtayne in England what many yong Gentlemen trauell for abroade with to greate disaduantage, Neither will they bee any more beholden to Forraigne parts for theire Education, nor bee Subiect to the reproache that of all Nations (saue the Allemans and some other Septentrionalls) the Britains appeare <the sole> abroade as <left margin: Schoole-> [word deleted] boyes, to Learne sciences and manly actions on the Soile of Strangers, which the [catchword: French]

French, Italian, and Spanish would scorne to do. Nor will the Fathers of Famillies among them suffer theire sonns to go into Forraigne parts in the Spring of theire aage, when they are more Subiect to take ill impressions, and depraued customes, as they haue reason to apprehend that then they may bee the sooner wraught uppon jn poinct of Religion, and beleefe.
Besides theire Ambition is, to send theire Sonns abroade when they are in casse to Leaue among Forraigners an honnorable reputte of theire habillities; to cause themselues to bee saught, exteemed, and beloued, and thereby gett into the acquaintance of the most Eminent men, to gaine the sooner that which is more deare and usefull to a good Statsman then Languages, and Sciences, Vitz, the Experience of the Gouuernment of Nations; the discouery of theire ends, theire Maximes, theire Strenckt, and also theire weaknesse, for that all [catchword: Nations]

Nations haue theire feeble, as Medaills theire reuersse; the knowledge whereof serues for a rulle to teach how they must bee dealth with on all occasions.
In this Academie (intended to bee established in England) young men wilbee taught (att the ratte and condition of the Academies in France though they shall Learne much more then is taught in the French Academies
The Languages which shall bee taught in them are Vitz. Latin, Italian, French, Spanish German, and Low Dutch, and Iointly with the said Languages the knowledge of all usefull histories, both Anæient and Moderne, and of the constitution and Gouuernment of all famous forraigne States.
Theire shall Likwise bee taught the true experimentall naturall Philosophie; as also whatsoeuer is most needfull and noble in the Mathematicks Vitz Arithmeticke, Geometrie, Cosmographie, Geographie, Perspectiue, and Architecture, both that for building, and that for magnificient Showes, and in particullar the Secret motions of Sæeanes and the Like; [catchword: Butt]

Butt aboue all (as the most excellent of praticall Mathematiks) what soeuer belongeth to Fortifications; Beseiging and defending of places; fire workes; ordering of Battailles, and marches of Armies;
Besides all these things theire shall bee also most exquisitly taught (the only in a manner which are taught in the French Academies) Musicke; Playing on Instruments, Dancing, Fencing and Ridding the greate Horrse together with the new manner of Fighting on Horsseback.
And iff there bee any whose particullar inclination Leade them to bee instructed in drawing Painting, Limning, eather for theire curiosity, or for to attayne unto a greater exactnesse in seuerall of the fore mentionned particullars as Architecture, Fortifications, Etc. Care shall also bee had for to satisfy them accordingly to there desiour.
  All such Fathers of Famillies as shalbee disposed to haue there Sonnes Instructed as aforesaid may giue notice of theire pleasure to Mr William Kipp, att Bednall Greene # <left margin: # or to Mr Samuel Hartleb att his house in the greate Open Court of Dukes place> That thereon the Authour of this proposition may procceede accordingly for the Settlement of all what shallbee necessary for so good a Worke.