The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Balthazar Gerbier To [Hartlib]
Ref:10/2/33A-B: 33B BLANK
Notes:Top of MS is torn so date is missing.

        [Paris?] [rest of line missing: MS torn]
This Citty beeing on a Suddayne blockt upp [rest of line missing: MS torn] certaine I cannot send to my daughter any other [jnstruction? MS torn] but those formers to which I must [referre?] my selfe, Notaris are writing such things as must proue how I am jn the right, and that I doe accuse no man uppon falce grounds; I doe send unto you the first Leaues of annother Treatie which I haue under presse I beseech you be not discouraged jn a good worke though frends as you say somtimes marr businesses; Iff you I shall say noe more for the present but wish unto you and yours all hapinesse Resting
                     Yours to my habilities
                            B gerbier
The Queene [Regent?] is fallen out with this Citty and will Starue if she can twinty millions of Creatures but the End may proue quit contrary her expectation for this Parliament raiseth an Army/