The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Balthazar Gerbier To [Hartlib]
Ref:10/2/32A-B: 32B BLANK
Notes:Top of MS is torn so date is missing.

           Paris [rest of line illeg: MS torn]
Your frend here Mr Doctore Boate fearing some jndisposition, hath put me jn dout concerning the adresse of my <this> letter and therefore I am I become troblesome to my old frend Mr Sidney Beare, for the conueyance therof by [letter deleted]. I doe send unto You A printed efigie wherein I haue with a pen made the alteration which I shall desiour you to cause a grauer jn copper to make on the plate which my daughter at Bednall greene can let you haue for that it was left there.
  I thinke that a grauer will easily and jn an houres time bring the band jnto that forme as I haue traced the same. and make jt conformable, also blut out of the words which are on the paper appearing jnto the left hand. for that those words seme not jn this age/ You may likweise understand by some what I doe write jn my letter to Mr Beare the alteration [which? MS edge] I haue made of 4 words jn the Epistle to the Duke of Gloster./ I shall hope to see by the next post that you haue receaued my [former? MS edge] packet. In the which you had one for M [Sandersson? MS edge] and what Informations I neede so jn haste I rest
     Your [assured? or affectionate?] frend and seruant
                                   B gerbier