The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Balthazar Gerbier To [Hartlib]
Dating:24 March 1649

Worthie friend/
I haue receaued but two dayes since your letter dated the 11th of Ianuary: see therein first my packet sent by friend not come to hand, usuall when sent by said friends. the copper plate not deliuered to you, Mr Beres comendations of Mr Sanderssens, That you are confidently assured that an Academy is to be erected at st Iames, sufficient meanes set appart for that designe. The letter to Mr Doctor Boate to be deliuered <which> I haue performed according your direction, Sealed as I had jt, for I neuer did open any mans Leters directed to others, Nor hath Mr Doctor Boate bin sickly
    To leuell Mr Beares Comendations concerning Mr Sanderssen I am constrayned to trouble you with the perusall of my letter here with to the said Mr Beare and the paper jnclosed paper besids; which I would haue kept had not Mr Sanderssen used unciuill words jn his letter to me saying that I accuse him falcely Etc. The erecting of an Academie at st Ieames shall not diuert me from my desine I haue sent jn all parts printed aduertishments in Latin and other Languages, whereby Louers of Vertue will knowe what shall be taught jn England

    If any man meanes to get the Start of me I shall forgiue him the Skill. I will doe my best and so let annother man doe his. I haue sent jn <all> forrain parts of my printed books. you shall haue of them with the first that shall passe jnto England, the [fift? altered] part is now under presse the worke will require 20 parts; I should haue bin with you three months agoe, had I bin payed, and not bin constrayned to stay for assignations # <left margin: # which will fall due jn time but I shall not stay for that> you should haue heard of me had not the passages bin stopt;
    I am very sory to heare strangers tell me that Mr Sanderssen calls all his, a wonder to me I confesse, and that he would neuer set downe his pretences. He begunne 7 yeares a go with my Eldest Sonne, who he did disbauche from me, and without my knowledge made him runne to Oxfort, to take armes, for which I could neuer thinke him to be an honnest man, since no children ought to be desbauched from their parents, who should knowe what is their best, But their is a god who will bring matters to mens one

dores; If Mr Sanderssen takes an unjust Coursse, he will fall jnto his owne perdition
    This I doe not faine to write to one whoe I beleeue to be an honnest man; as concerning those whoe haue not bin payed yer my last coming away, though I doe not know what the debts are not amounting aboue two hundred pounds or some what more, My hearty wishes are to haue them contented, and that some conuenient time may be had for the same, monies are due unto me jn seuerall parts, but their must be a time to get them, Iff my creditors (who I thinke to be hearty good persons) were pleased to accept my bonds I will giue them Interest for the forbearance of the monnie for two yeares, beginning from the day of the date of the bonds and pay half of the Summe within a yeare, I haue writen to my daughter to call uppon them, If you would do me that kind office as to Ioyne your [word deleted] Industrie thereunto. I dout not but that an accord may be compassed, and they grant their promisse to haue passience for that time

which as good Christians they should haue more reason to doe hauing my bond, and my persson jn the Land, then to haue nothing to shue for their debt, and stay tell I dye abroade;
    I shall desire you to let me knowe if you are pleased to put this casse to a triall, and that you will beleeue me to be
Paris 24 of              Yours to the utmost of my
March 1649                  habillities B gerbier
My daughter shall desire the Creditors to repaire at your House where you can declare unto them the contents of the letter which I doe now send to my daughter to that purpose. if they please to depose jn a Third hand a declaration giuing Me two yeares time I shall send unto you a bond wherof you may desire them to send the draft and I will signe and Seale jt here and afterwaerds ratifie the same jn England
You shall by the first passage haue a quantity of books to bestow on the 38 of the grand Councell and, to sell to others, I shall god willing make good the charges for partage of letters/