The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Balthazar Gerbier To Hartlib
Dating:26 December 1648

I haue not had any of yours those many [Ordinaries?] and now am taken on a Suddayne with the neews of the deceasse of Mr kipp my wyfs father, wherof Mr William Sanderssen giues me notice, withall that the leasse of my House at Bednall greene and all his goods is made ouer to him for that the said Mr Sandersson hath past his word for 6 [ll?] per annum to a blind Maden, and for monies by him said disburst, jn all which I haue bin a stranger saue [that? MS edge] of the blind Maden; Now whereas My absence hinders me to examine the casse, and that their must be a fit coursse taken to preserue what is due to the Orphant my wyffe, I do now turne unto you as to a persson of a most worthy virtueous repute desiring your assistance so farre as you can for a speedy and fit coursse, that the things which are at my House at Bednall greene may not bee purloyned: on pretence of any debts which are now said Mr kip deceased should haue had.
2 a true and exact Inuentary made of all that is
3 there, and what is myne deuided from the rest.
4 A dilligent [sarch?] made for his will, and accordingly to proceede.
5 That I may knowe what Mr Sanderssons pretences

are, and how I am to proceede [letters deleted] to doe what is Iust: and not remayne as a stranger jn my One, That a fit garde be put jnto the House to looke to jt by night and day And to this I do persuade my selfe that Mr Oast sister of the late Mother to my wyffe and my daughter as yet [then?] may direct a man known to them who keepes a feeld beloning to the ground. and who hath the repute of a very honnest Man, besides the aduisse and kind assistance of my Neighbours Mr Dormer and Dickenson whoe are honnest gentlemen, and of known jntegrity who are wise and Charitable to do right jn things possible, for things otherwayes may be ill manedged; and men pretend things without proofs, when men are absent and jn such a casse as this is, wherein I haue been kept as a stranger, for Mr kipp did not open any thing of his particullar businesse to me, nor giue me any fit account of my One, he had tallies of concerning Monies due unto me, and jn fine <so> much to say in this businesse as I am constrayned to trouble you

With my letter to Mr Sandersson which I do leaue open for you to peruse, and then to make jt upp, and to take a care for jts deliuery. by the reading wherof you may see a greate deale of what I am to say, and as you are knowing and jntelligent thereby discouer what is necessary to do for a frend absent, as likweise of such fit Coursse to bee taken as may keepe me jn pocession of my House and goods, untill the State of the casse be well knowne, and a fit coursse taken up jn all things, and on this I do beseech you to consulte also my frend Mr Sidney Beare who I am confident would not see me wronged for I haue euer known him to be a very honnest sincere gentleman
    More I cannot writte at this present for I am surprised by the neews and the Time, nor can I dispose of my daughter who iff she should not be well and secure at the house beeing allone must be put jnto som conuenient place as at M Dormer where I will pay for her montly, untill [catchword: I]

I can passe jnto England or can Iudge what I can do which at this Instant I cannot
    Only I must recommend to your present care the calling for a Copper plate wheron my one liknisse hath been [grand?] and which I do require to be put to the presse bycause I shall neede store of them for the seuerall treaties which I haue under presse, More I cannot say jn this greate haste
here with you haue also a Note from Mr Dr Boate you see to what Intent jn casse of necessitie, reade all this I pray to Mr Beare for I haue not a Minute more time left, so In extreame haste I rest
                           Your humble seruant
                                 B gerbier
Paris 26
   December 1648
Nota my wyffe hath a protestation made by Mr kipp against Mr Sandersson, for hauing made him put his hand to a bond which he gaue him no time to reade * this [continued along bottom of 10/2/25A] let Mr Beare my frind see.
[left margin of 10/2/25A:]
I doe send here for the portage of letters[altered]; keepe my copper plate imprinted untill I send a direction of something to be don [thereat?]
[left margin of 10/2/26A:]
Pray honnest Mr Hartlib lend your Charitable Ey to this businesse. to shunne knauery and deceate for I knowe by diuers things that Mr kipp was not poore and where jt no more then bonds he had of men owing monies to him yet could he not be said so as Now they make him passe. I will next post send a procuration to you.
[left margin of 10/2/26B:] Pray let my daughter haue this leter here with jn all possible speede and giue her all the good aduice [words missing: MS edge frayed] possible you [rest of postscript missing: MS edge frayed]