The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Balthazar Gerbier To [Hartlib]
Dating:28 November 1648
Ref:10/2/21A-22B: 22B BLANK

I am taken short, and therefore cannot write to you at large as I would haue don; Iour Iohn-Amos-comenius Endeavours or Summary Delineation of Dr Cyprian Kinner I like the better that jt begin's In the Name of God, I would not such[altered] a man <to> want, jff I were jn a setled condition, neuerthelesse I [desiarr?] that he should be encouraged # <and that he should knowe me for if I haue meanes I will knowe him> as I would not haue you to loose heart concerning my Intended Academie, which doutlesse will take when men's braines are some what settled, In the meane while I must content my selfe with such a beginning as God shall bee pleased to aforde, and thereunto Ioyne all the Endeavours the [word illeg.] of man is capable off; pray send copies of the printed Interpreter jn the french tongue jnto the Northern parts abroad. Danzich [Hamburg?] Silesia, Holland, and else where. I will send of them to you good store, [2 words deleted] <besides> the leaues contayning the discourses <word deleted> [2? words deleted] I dout not but they will giue satisfaction. and that euen from forraigne parts fathers of families will like well to haue their sonn's Instructed jn Albion. where Papistery <I hope> will no more haue that sway as, thath which hath caused all these present disturbances, which I did long since forsée, and euen from that time when a church man told me att Bruxels <that he was> willbe the man who made ouer penssions to diuers, and who was the negotiant with the

Last <Arch> Bishop of Canterbury, well let the dead rest, but the Liuing do better,
The other printed papers which I sent some dayes past, you shall finde at Mr Anthony Hebs, at the signe of the golden Anchor jn fleete streete, also a packet for the reuerend Armacha, jt beeing sent and recommended to me by Mr Doctor Boate; The Interpreter (Which you shall receaue now) shall bee seconded euery weeke, and I will finde meanes to saue the charges, I was yesterday moued to set upp the jntended Academie at Tours or at Saumur and jt was conceaued that the English would flock theither during the troubles. others are[altered] of Opinion <jt would do well at> York or jn Scotland (as at [Aberdeen?]) But I[altered from jt] cannot be persuaded to thinke on any More fit place then London [2 words deleted] Towne for [iff?] if that wants fathers of families where then? [if jndeed?] I must make an ende so I rest
                      Your humble seruant
                            B gerbier
greate haste 28 Nouember
you had promist to looke for a conuenient habitation about Lincolne feels. or upwards I cannot disuade my selfe from the good worke. wherein the publike hath an equale [share? MS edge]

[another hand:]
In bow street over against the signe of the Lute on Georg a Taylor newly come out of france