The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Balthazar Gerbier To Hartlib
Dating:31 October 1648

                31 [st?] of October 1648
[word blotted/erased?]
   Here with you haue <2 words deleted> the first leaues of my <the> Interpreter of my Intended Academie, suppresse all the former I pray. dispersse these, and cause those to be posted as you shall finde that I haue prepared for the same, I will with the first that go for England send unto you good store of them, so In haste I rest
                      Your humble seruant
                          B gerbier
Iff any of the former printed papers are posted. I shall be glad they were toren by cause of the word Latin tongue which would perhaps bee a stumbling block and mooue the uniuerssities against mÿ Academie

To my worthy friend <Mr> Samuel
Hartlib att his House jn Dukes