The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Balthazar Gerbier To [Hartlib]
Dating:11 October 1648
Ref:10/2/16A-17B: 17B BLANK

             Paris 11th of October 1648
I haue yours dated 21th september that stil: I did answeare all the Letters; so that the fault of the not receauing myne must be the Post. or the Ordinary carrier of letters; Butt I will persuade my selfe that eare this you had all my answeares to yours.
The Answeare concerning the Passe contents me, and js sufficient to the minde of a man whose heart and mind stands right as jt is, and <that> will euer bee my study <is and will euer bee> to haue God before my Eyes Lett (I beseech you) my aduertissements to fathers of familly bee posted and dispert throughout the kingdome, for jt is the first thing to be don that thereby maybe discouered the Inclinations and dispositions of Fathers of famillies, since the preparing of a fitt Anciclopedie (or Minerue of Albion) is a busines of charge: [word deleted] To trime a Lady well requires storre of strings, as <to> a Lutte or <to> an Almerie
   I haue said jn my last that iff the first printed papers cannot serue (bycause of falts jn the Ortographie) to haue others printed forthwith, I will pay the Charges./ I sent to you a peece of my Vocabularie jn Which no s├žience shall be forgotten. here with you haue The discoursses concerning Geographie and Cosmography Butt fearing the charges for portage proue to [letter deleted] unsupportable I shall cease sending any more. The Labours which I do resolue to undergo will proue greate Butt they will bee sueete to me iff I can before I shall Leaue the world, Leaue such a good worke jn Traine [catchword: Concerning]

Concerning the [haste?] which you will me to make. I would bee with you to morrow Iff I could. Butt the confusion of things att present here renders the eares of those whoe do owe me many hundred of pistols deaf Deaff; The bookes you desire shall bee [word deleted] bought. --
I pray remember my request jn my last to send for the Credittors of which Mr Beare hath spoken to you, without[faint or erased?]
Remember also to cast your Eyes on som goodly conuenient place for the Albion Minerue for she is a goodly Lady, she must haue all things compleate, for sutable to her Noble Courtiers, and that she may not hide her selfe as the Poet saith of the Pliades behinde the [Back?] six starres, whoe being once six Princes (her Noble Courtiers) were Deceaued by her, and by her shifts, and jt the reason why shee euer since hides her selfe att theire Bak. I haue said for this time and rest
                  Your humble seruant
                         B gerbier/
In haste/
I shall expect to heare iff you haue receaued my weekly letters; and pray you jn casse of a walke to Bednall greene to present theire my salutations to Mr William kipp. whose last letter answeare to myne I haue

well receaued, and rest content with [his? altered] labours jn searching of papers which I need not now. hauing <left margin: found> what is required concerning papers