The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Balthazar Gerbier To [Hartlib]
Dating:16/26 September 1648

             Paris 26/16 of Septembre 1648
I had yours of the 7th that Stile. with two printed discourses, jn requittall You shall finde here an explanation of somwhat[altered] by me sett forth, butt kept jn my study, untill fitt time; lett jt not wander to my prejudice, jt was printed att Deepe, where the English is not understood; nor do I stand on the Language: I haue yesterday sent [to?] <two> greate packs of printed papers with the adition as you shall finde jt jn the printed here with: A friend of myne (M Standley) is charged With the two Packs; and is to send them to Mr william Kipp. my father jn Law; dwelling att Bednall greene: he hath also willingly (and most curtiously) charged himselfe with my letter to the honourable Speaker of the House of Commons; to whome I do adresse my selfe for my passe; which iff not demanded will not come off jt selfe, and iff not demanded jn fitt time will not serue my turne here after: Euery one knowith best his one businesse, and therefore the English haue a saying that a foole maybe a wise man jn his one house: I should desire you (notwithstanding what Mr Beare hath told you to haue onbosomed him selfe to me) to adresse yourselfe to the Speaker, for my said Passe: theire beeing no ground att all to bee refused; since I neuer had to do with the unhappy differennces, nor should I stand jn neede of a Passe, for I am a stranger borne; and not jnployed jn any affaires of State[altered] [word deleted]. Only that I thinke jt fitt to haue one to avoyde <the> questionning of a Constable by the way, or on a Bridge: I do still craue your assistance for the dispercing of my printed papers. for the Posting of them,

jn all publike places, and sending them jnto the Contry. I haue therefore been att charges, and would not haue the ocasion Neglected: I haue sent one jn my Letter to Mr Speaker. that my dessigne (to repaire jnto England) may bee apparant, and not bee translated to my prejudice, for though I am jn this place (and though jt may bee a kinde of Babilon) Yett am I [4? words deleted] <no Monster> which I may say as a Christian, and therefore no boster: Thus much may suffise on what Mr Beare told me, concerning the time for the demanding of the said Passe; And for what concerneth my dessigne for the Academie (beleeue me) no man liuing shall diuert me from jt: I haue been ample thereon; Nor King nor Parliament aught not to be troubled there with: iff any man hath a particullar dessigne for some erection he shall take his one Course, myne is plaine, and hath all these Academies for Presidents: Nor will I [entrenche?] on any uniuerssities: In short, I will sett upp a Shopp, Comme who pleaseth, It[altered] jnports not to the king, nor State who learnes to ridde or to fence:# <left margin: # or other Laudable sciences> iff other men haue the same designe <which> I haue, and do resolue to beginne to try as I will, much good lett them doe: I shall neuer Enuy any man; lesse pretend any Monnopolly, for I am an Ennemy of Cutt throats; so all Monopollists are, who would engrosse to them selues a kinde of Monster Called prerogatiue, I meane not a kings Prerogatiue nor that of a Magistrat. Butt that which some

Incroching (and malitious) fellowes did seeke to practise that they allone should haue a prerogatiue to do a thing to the exclusion of all others, and thereby to frustrate all men of a just Liberty to buy weare for theire Coyne, where they thinke best: and where they may bee best serued:
    Mr Standley will bee found att Lincolne House jn Tuttle feels att westminter, he parted hence for Calis, he hath promist to deliuer the Letter him selfe for want of a bette Butt iff the Countesse of Claire bee comme to towne or recommended my request jt would bee well to enquire after jt, and after all those that will further my passe, as sir william Balfoor may perhaps speake for me, iff you <would> speake to him hee dwelleth jn Chanell row att westminster; for England I will go, and bury my bones theire iff I can/ and shall not bee disuaded from jt by no man, nor mans [imbosining?]: I haue not liued so long jn the world to be to seeke to know what I must do; Thus you see where on I am sett. Iff you please then to lend your helping hand therein you shall oblige me; and iff you are so resolued to do you wilbe pleased to call att Mr Kips for a quantity of those printed papers, and cause them to be posted and sent jnto the Contry, and iff besides you should not thinke fitt to haue men to comme to you to trouble you with enquires after the undertaker of the Academy, you may blutt out

your name jn the printed paper. Thus with my hearty salutations I rest
                          Your humble seruant
                                B gerbier
I haue shuen your letter to Mr Doctor Boates/
The passe must bee for my selfe Wyffe. two sonns one daughter a man and a maiden seruant all of the Religion profest by the English Conformable Church./