The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Letter In Hand B, Balthazar Gerbier To [William Lenthall]
Dating:9 September 1648
Ref:10/2/7A-8B: 7B-8B BLANK
Notes:Letter is to William Lenthall, Speaker of House of Commons (see G.H. Turnbull, Hartlib Dury and Comenius, 1947, p. 59).

                 Paris 9 September 1648.
Right honorable
I do humbly crave for a Passe to repaire with the remnant of my family into England: And having never been in any action contrary to its good and peace I do perswade my selfe my request is as just as well adrest; and that therefore yow will bee pleased both to grant me the same and to excuse this trouble yow receave from me.
R[faintly written or erased?] Right honourable.
The passe which I do desire is to serve for myselfe my wyffe Sonne, Daughter aman, and a Maiden servants, all of the Reformed Religion.
                          Your mosst humble &
              most obedient Servant Balthazar
                              Gerber Knt.