The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Balthazar Gerbier To [Hartlib]
Dating:29 August 1648
Ref:10/2/6A-B: 6B BLANK

              Paris 29 of August 1648
Since the last letter which Mr Doctor Boate my friend heere writte to you wherein I wrotte a line or two jn Postcript and that a paper was sent to you With a letter adrest to the weekly Intelligener. for the putting <the same> to the presse I was persuaded to gaine time to cause the same to bee printed heere as well as the french printer could do the same, and so I do send some of them to you for to haue them disperst among such Noble famillies as you may finde adresse for, As likweise to haue three or foure of them to be putt att westminster where the Parliament Sits and on Pauls Church; I haue sent a hundred of them by a friend whith direction to adresse them to you, to the ende that by the best way possible they may bee sent to the Seuerall Townes and jnto principall Innes as att st Albans. guilford and other places; Iff any fathers of famillies should comme to you to bee expresse theire willingnesse to putt theire Sonns jn such an Academie you will do so much for me as to take theire names, and to lett me haue notice therof
    I haue putt among the papers [wherewith?] to pay the port. what more charges you shall bee att I will thanckfully repaye. and rest
          Your humble seruant
                 B gerbier
you will remember to carry a cuple or more of these printed papers jn drury Lane to the Countesse of Claire or to the Earle her Sonne iff she be not theire