The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Balthazar Gerbier To [Hartlib]
Dating:27 August 1648
Ref:10/2/4A-5B: 5B BLANK
Notes:Copy at 10/2/2.

         Paris 27th[altered] of August 1648
Though my persson and mÿ name may be unknowne to you (as yours to me) I shall desire you not to stopp theire; butt (reflecting yourselfe on your one wishes (exprest jn one of your weekly jntelligences on a discoursse that the Duke of Yorke was said dessigned for a french Academie) persuade you so to consider my proposition (Manifested jn the paper heerewith) as that you will putt jt to the presse, to haue the same printed jn folio, jn a faire large letter: Which don, I shall likweise desire you to use your best meanes for the dispercing there of throughout the kingdom; and to direct store of them unto particullar Noble Famillies, as also to the principall Innes of the Townes of remarke; to the ende that I may discouer how fathers of famillies will like the said establishement, and how many of them will[altered] [word deleted] <resolue> to haue theire Sonn's so jnstructed; that accordingly I may [word deleted] <dispose my selfe> to repaire Into England; and prouide for the said establisshement; and that I may approuue my selfe thanckfull to you for all such Iongmen as by your meanes shall be adrest to me; (as I dout nor butt many other good things may be settled for the good of the publike, for which you shall not be the worsse [catchword: I]
[foot of page: To the weekly Intelligencer.]

[4 lines deleted]
For the place to establish such a glorious and ussefull Academie (as js by me Intended) jt is jndifferent to me, eather att the west, Zouth, or north Side of London; or att Nottingham, Yorke or any other place where noble mens Children will be best.
  Nor will I so start att the distempers In England that jt should coole my Zeale jn the undertaking, for I do persuade my selfe that jn these times (as well as jn others) Parents are bound to haue theire Sonns jnstructed; nay that they are obliged the more to keepe them within the Land; untill they haue attayned theire rippe Senses, for reasons exprest jn the said annexed paper, [letter deleted] and many others besides:
I shall desire here on your Answeare with the first, Which you can send iff you please to Mr Boate [catchword: Doctor]

Doctor jn Phisick. heere a la Rue Princesse, au faubourgh st Germaine. so I rest
                   Your affectionned humble
                    seruant Balthasar gerbier: kyt.
Iff att your leasure you walke abroade and meete with a faire seate about or neere London especially about Holborne feelds. I shall desire you to take a particullar Survey of the same, and enquire for the price of the yearly Rent.