The Hartlib Papers

Title:Copy Letter In Hand B, Balthazar Gerbier To [Hartlib]
Dating:27 August 1648
Ref:10/2/2A-3B: 3A-3B BLANK
Notes:Copy of 10/2/4.

         Paris: 27th Aug: 1648. [another hand: Gerbier]
Though my person and my name may be unknowne to you (as yours is to me) I shal desire you not stop theire; but reflecting yourselfe on your owne wishes (exprest in one of <your> weekly Intelligences on a discourse that the Duke of Yorke was said designed for a French Academie) perswade you soe to consider my proposition) manifested with the Paper herewith as that you will put it to the presse to have the same printed in folio In afaire large letter: Which done I shal likewise desire you to use your best meanes for the dispiercing thereof throughout all the Kingdome and to direct store of them to particular Noble families, as also to the principall Innes of the Townes of remarke; to the end that I may discover how that Fathers of families will like the said establishment and how many of them will resolve to have their Sonnes soe instructed that accordingly I may dispose myselfe to repaire into England and provide for the said establishment; and that I may aprove myselfe thankfull to yow for all such yong men as by your meanes shall be adrest unto me, as I doubt not but many other good thinges may be settled for the good of the Public, for which yow shall [letter deleted] not be the worse.
For the place to establish such a glorious and vseful Academie as is by me intended, It is indifferent to bee either at the west South or north seate of London; or at Nottingham Yorke or any other place where Noble mens children will bee best.
  Nor will I soe start at the distempers In England that it should coole my zeale in the vndertaking for I doe perswade myselfe that in these times aswell as in others, Parents are bound to have their Sonnes instructed; Nay that they are obliged the more to keep them within the Land; untill they have attained their ripe sences, for Reasons exprest in the said anexed paper, and many others besides. [catchword: I shall]

I shall desire hereon your Answer with the first which yow can send if yow plase to Mr Boate doctor in Physick heere a la Rue Princesse au faubourgh St Germaine Soe I rest.
             Your affectionated humble
              Servant. Balthazar gether kyt.
                       [Hartlib: Gerbier.]
If at your leasure yow walke abroad and meet with a faire seate about or neare London especially about Holbourne fields I shall desire yow to take a particullar survey of the same, and enquire for the price of the yearly Rent.