The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Balthazar Gerbier To [Hartlib]
Dating:6 January 1648
Ref:10/2/1A-B: 1B BLANK

bee not discouraged for all the stormes God sends faire wether jn a moment. I pray charge my daughter not to sturre from Bednall greene House. but to keepe all things jn esse tell she heare further from me I had your letter of this weeke I see all what [word deleted] Malice jntends against my owne goods. a coursse will be taken for all, [word deleted] you would oblige me very much Iff you could send me the names of those who pretend that my wyffe or myne should be jndebted unto.# <left margin: # which my daughter can tell> fare well, excuse my short writing, and be confident that you shall neuer bee trobled aboue your habilities [from?]
                  [Yours?] at your comand
                               B gerbier
Paris 6 Ianuary
let my daughter read
this I pray and not troble
her selfe.