The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Thomas Gilson To Hartlib
Dating:[8?] October [1648?]
Ref:10/1/6A-7B: 6B-7A BLANK

Courteous Sir.
I am encouraged by your candor & incited by my owne desires to present you these few Lines, to informe you how now we are Ordered to Reforme statutes & constitutions, & [therfore?] now is the [Greek: to nun] of planting ingenuity & advancinge Learninge to purpose, wherfore j beseech you deny me not your asistance but peruse those things j sent to Sir David watkins & send me word how you approve of them & what you would have superaded, so shall much engage the publique good & your private Frind
                                    Tho: Gilson:
Corpus Christi College Oxon. octob. [8?]:

To his Worthy Freind mr
 Samuel Hartlib att his house in
          Dukes place