The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Thomas Gilson To Hartlib
Dating:10 August [1648]
Ref:10/1/5A-B: 5B BLANK
Notes:1648 is given as the date in G.H. Turnbull, Hartlib Dury and Comenius, 1947, p. 31.

I was [word deleted] <here> to wayte upon you to present mr Dansons service to you, as also to hint you of a headshipp in Oxford, viz. the Provost-shipp of Oriel Colledge, the present Provost is voted out as a malignant & ill affected person, and I should hartily rejoyce If i might be any wayes be instrumentall, by myself or freinds to supply such a Vacuum with your ingenuous self, I entreate you seriously to consider of & let me heare your resolution. it may be I shall wayt upon you att 6 of the clock this night, but if my occasions prevent me so that j speake not with you before my returne to oxford which i intend to be [att? altered] the beginninge of the next weeke, I desire I may heare from you to oxford, j am Fellow of Corpus christi College where j will act ad Extremum virium to doe you & the commonwealth of Learninge any service while j am
                                 Tho: Gilson:
Aug. 10/