The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Thomas Gilson To Hartlib
Dating:12 March [1649]
Ref:10/1/3A-4B: 3B-4A BLANK
Notes:1649 is given as the date in G.H. Turnbull, Hartlib Dury and Comenius, 1947, p. 259.

Worthy Sir/
Since the receite of yours dated Ian 4. I have not neglected any oppertunity to cary on your designe, but cannot as yet arive to my desired haven, not but that we have many [Greek: philomathes] heere, lovers of your ingenuous designes, but they are as yet very loth to appeare upon the stage as professed Antagonists to the present pedantry. agayne others are not as yet convinced which is the better to petition that you & mr dury may superadded Visitours or distinct Agents for Learninge, others feare your Agency will as yet bee too costly for the Commonwealths Keepinge, thus have I <[A?]> Hydra to deale with but hope att last to conquer it Especially Sir if you be would be pleased to draw out a cleare & full [letters deleted] forme of the Petition you would have us present and doubt not but through the blessinge of god we shall see our hopes dayly blossome & Finally fructifye In the meane time I committ you & your designes to blessinge of Iehova whose Agent I Question not) <but> you are & whose servaunt I desire to be
                       which <as> I am Tho: Gilson/.
Corpus christi College March 12:
I pray Sir present my humble service
to mr dury whom with your self
I intreat for directions/.
[left margin:]
Sir some dayes since I happily fell acquaynted with mr Petty whom I have found a very ingenious & much deservinge gentleman, I could hartily wish him præferred in our Vniversity; only I would willingly be informed what how he stands affected to the Parliament & what præferment he would accept of:

To his much honoured Freinde
  mr Samuel Hartlib att
   his house in Dukesplace
[below address, another hand:] Thomas Gilson