The Hartlib Papers

Title:Letter, Thomas Gilson To Hartlib
Dating:1 January 1649
Ref:10/1/1A-2B: 2A BLANK

Courteous mr Hartlib.
The streames of my affections (like Guadiana in spayne) hath for this 2 months run under ground, but at last hath broke out into these few lines:
which are to informe of slender designements our Academicall witts are, the Order procured for informing statutes & constitutions, is by them interpreted to reach no further then takinge away of holy dayes, [word deleted] the oath of Allegiance & such like crepundia of the Advancement of Learninge ne Gru quidem.
   Quis talia fando temperet a lachrymis?
I am also to informe you that we have many Palme-spirited men heere who though as yet are crushed in their ingenuous designes yet are resolved to Beare up agaynst a storme, in hopes of a happy victory/. we are resolved shortly to Petition for some to superadded. or substituted in the roome of these P├Ždantick visitors. in my thoughts I have pitched upon these Sir David Watkins, mr Hartlib, <left margin: mr Caryl. mr Tho Goodwin> Mr Dury mr Pitts, mr Sadler, mr Selden,: I desire your impartiall thoughts to expunge thos you thinke not fitt of, & substitute those you know more advantagious to our designe
I much longe <to heare> what answer you have had from Dr Whichott concerninge the papers you mentioned as also whether Commenus Pansophia, or Hall hath arived to your hand.

Sir on december the 29th one of the Fellowes of St Iohns Colledge acquaynted how Dr channell speakes of Leavinge the colledge for his Livinge, and I am desired to acquaynt you how in case you will accept of it, you will find those that shall bringe you[altered] in if you will be but passive. and so we shall find a headshipp for mr Dury & mr Caryll, mr Tho. Goodwin is allready bespoke for Lincolne Colledge,.
                    Thus hopinge to heare from you by mr Danson (if he be not come away before,) <or> with all speede by the carier
Corpus Christi College
  Ian. 1: /49.
                    I subscribe my self
                      Yours in what I am.
                        Tho: Gilson

For his worthy Freinde, Mr Samuel
   Hartlib, in Dukes place in the
      great open Court.