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The Hartlib papers are divided into three collections.

You can choose between these collections by clicking on the appropriate titles near the top of the page. The first two collections are subdivided further, and the divisions are selected using the grey list towards the left of the page. The individual documents are displayed on the right of the page. Before each title is its reference code; after is dating information. To view a document, click on its title.

71/1 Extract In Scribal Hand B, Culpeper On Printi.. 11 February 164..
71/2/1 Copy Memo In Hartlib's Hand, Cheney Culpeper .. Undated
71/2/3 Extract In Hand ?, Culpeper On Printers' Ink Undated
71/3 Memorandum On The Minting Of Coin, Peter Blon.. Undated
71/4 Copy Petition In Hand ?, Gabriel Plattes To S.. Undated
71/5 Corsellis' Recipe For Ink In Hartlib's Hand Undated
71/6/1 Extracts In Scribal Hand H, John Beale 4 October 1661,..
71/6/3 Extract In Hartlib's Hand Quoting Beale, In E.. 1661
71/7/1 Printed Pamphlet On The Art Of Double Writing 1648
71/7/2 Proposals About Double Writing, Anon Undated
71/7/3 Memo & Testimonial On Double Writing, Ano.. 22 December 164..
71/7/5 Two Copies Of Note On Paper Tax & Double .. Undated
71/8 Invention For Copying, J.p. 16 May 1635
71/9/1 Memo On Dye And Music, William Petty Undated
71/9/2 Extracts On Dying Fur Etc In Scribal Hand B, .. 14 May 1648, Un..
71/9/4 Copy Memo On Dyes, Anon Undated
71/9/8 Translation In Hartlib's Hand, The True Way T.. Undated
71/10 Proposition For Boarding Single Persons, Cres.. 12 September 16..
71/11/1 Copy Report In Scribal Hand ?, Worsley's Prop.. 7 April 1646
71/11/2 Draft Act In Scribal Hand B, On The Making Of.. Undated
71/11/8 Copy In Scribal Hand ?, Worsley's Proposal Fo.. Undated C. 1646..
71/11/12 Copy In Scribal Hand ?, Worsley's Proposal Fo.. Undated C. 1646
71/11/13 Copy Of The Propositions Of Joyner's Mistress.. Undated
71/11/14 Copy In Scribal Hand B, Worsley's Proposal Fo.. Undated C. 1646
71/12/1 Copy Open Letter Seeking Funds For De Berg's .. Undated
71/12/9 Note On De Berg's Inventions, Hartlib Undated
71/12/11 Copy Testimony For De Berg In Scribal Hand ?,.. 27 June 1634
71/12/13 Copy Memorandum On De Berg's Inventions In Sc.. Undated
71/12/15 Note On Invention To Help With Building Etc.,.. Undated
71/12/16 Memo On Inventions For Which Patents Are Soug.. Undated
71/13 Letter, William Cooper To Hartlib 26 November 165..
71/14 Memo On An Italian Way To Distill Flowers, An.. Undated
71/15 Extracts On Water Purification In Scribal Han.. 14 May 1645 - 2..
71/16/1 Extract On Longitude, From Henry Bond Printed 1639
71/16/2 Account Of A Magneticall Experiment, John Dur.. Undated
71/16/4 Copy Memo Re Observations On Sea Voyages, Sir.. Undated
71/16/6 Note On Longitude & Navigation In Latin, .. Undated
71/17 Copy Extracts, Richard Carew To Bartlett, Scr.. 16 October 1640..
71/18 Memo On Chimney Pieces, Grave Stones, Etc., A.. Undated
71/19/1 List Of Mechanical Undertakings, Freemantil Undated
71/19/2 Chart On Working Sheep's Wool In Scribal Hand.. Undated